Yu. I. Prylypko

Modifications of Financial Method for the Shadow Economy Estimation

The article deals with the calculation methods for the shadow economy level in different modifications. The author considers the results of their application depending on data type (price indices “period to period” or “month to last December”). The paper analyzes the reasons of the calculation results distinctions depending on input data quality and types, and provides recommendations on the application of a certain method modification for some branches of economy.


M. V. Sybyryakova

Methodological Basis for Statistical Accounting of the Structure and Dynamics of Foreign Trade in Commodities of Ukraine

The paper analyses methodological principles of forming the information base for the national trade balance, first of all on the basis of customs statistics. The article shows the importance of statistical research of structure and dynamics of foreign trade in commodities for estimating the real place of the state in the world economy, the character of its foreign economic relations with partners, in order to take effective administrative decisions.


T.B. Shyra

Approaches to Statistical Estimations of the State  of Innovation and Technological Potential of an Enterprise

The article shows the problems of statistical estimation of innovation and technological potential of an enterprise, drawbacks of its information support in particular. Methodological principles suggested for statistical estimation of innovation and technological potential of an enterprise have a diagnostic approach and indicative planning.


O.K. Yeliseyeva, I.S. Tverdohlib

Application of the SSA Method for Analysis and Forecasting of Economic Systems Development

The article studies theoretical and practical aspects of application of SSA method for statistical analysis and forecasting of economic systems that is especially urgent in conditions of instability of the economy. Forecasting of the economic system was carried out, the main tendency of the system development is determined at the regional level as well as a periodic component and noise.


T. O. Myroshnychenko

Some Actual Issues of Dwelling Investment Statistics

The article is devoted to the analysis of statistical data on the fixed capital investment in dwelling construction. The author studies the ways of improving the methods of state statistical observations of capital investment.


V. V. Popova

Evaluation Methods for Structural Changes of Factor Combinations of the Ukrainian Economy

Contradictions of the present-day Ukrainian economy are considered as a result of influence of organizational and economic mechanism for management of the national macrosystem development on the formation of industrial factors combinations by economic activities. Theoretical principles are confirmed by the methods for evaluation of statistical indicators in the System of National Accounts. The article characterizes the most essential features of contradictions between the industrial factors expenses and investment sources of renewal of means of production.


I.G. Stoletova

Estimates of the Mobile Communication Operators’ Contribution to the National Economy

The article presents a review of the development tendencies in the sphere of mobile communication. A special attention is paid to the mobile communication market and to the analysis of its economic influence on the development of the branch.


O. V. Gorobets

Regional Differentiation of Indicators of Reproduction of the Population of Autonomous Republic of Crimea

The paper considers the method and uses the iterative procedure of cluster analysis for statistical estimation of regional differentiation of indicators of reproduction of the population of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by the cluster analysis, using a multivariate average


I. A. Dauksh

Statistical Estimation of Dynamics and Structure of Criminality in Republic of Byelorussia over the Period 1990–2007

The article presents the analysis of dynamics of the registered quantity of crimes in the Republic of Byelorussia over the period 1990–2007. The author realizes modeling and predictions of the phenomenon under study.


G. Yu. Mischuk, O. O. Yakusheva

Demographic Preconditions of Reforming the Pension Security Mechanisms

The article introduces the analysis of tendencies in the main demographic processes in Ukraine. An impact of the sex and age structure change on pension security is determined. The authors prove the necessity of compulsory accumulative pension security level in order to decrease the influence of negative demographic changes on pension payments financing.


L. G. Tkachenko

The Experience of Analytical Research of the EU Population Living Conditions

The article contains a review of the EU standards for statistical survey and analysis of living conditions in the EU countries. The system of indicators and main information sources of living conditions used in European statistical practice are under consideration.


V. I. Kolesnik

Statistical Support of Investment and Innovation Activity Management in a Region

The article provides the system of statistical support of investment and innovation activity in a region which makes it possible to take decisions and raises their effectiveness.


G. I. Kupalova, N. O. Koreneva

Statistical Support for the Analysis of Investment Attractiveness of Regions of Ukraine

The paper studies methodological and organizational principles and formulates practical recommendations on use of statistical methods of the analysis of investment attractiveness of regions of Ukraine. The profound statistical analysis was carried out with the use of integral indicator formed on the basis of the developed system of statistical indicators.


N. G. Fatyukha

Statistical Research of the Motor Transport Communications Infrastructure in Zaporizhia Region

The article is devoted to the sources of forming statistical data on the motor transport routes infrastructure. The paper also presents the analysis characterizing the state of infrastructure on the available statistical indicators.


M. V. Schuryk

Economic Aspect of Stable Development in the Context of Carpathian Land Resources Reproduction

The paper estimates intermediate results of land reform in agriculture of Carpathian Macroregion. The author proves expediency and need for land privatization by households. It is suggested to stop privatization of land shares in order to analyze the land reform results.


E. V. Chekotovsky

Graph Method in Statistics: History and Theory.

Part I. Conception and Formation of the Graph Method in Statistics

The article is devoted to history of formation and use of graph method in statistics, to formation of main concepts in particular. The paper contains critical remarks and methodological conclusions on definitions of the statistical graph, its basic elements and classifications of statistical graphs.


K. S. Mischenko

Organization of Accounting of the Population’s Needs for Social Service: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects

The article reflects theoretical approaches to organization of accounting of the population’s needs for social services in conditions of reforming this system in Ukraine. The accounting function, its place in the management system and cycles is under consideration as well as the processes of regulation and decision-making, taking into account needs for social services. The paper presents the results of theoretical development in statistical accounting, its content, functions and characteristics.


Yu. M. Ostapchuk, O.V. Sikachyna

Organizational and Legal Basis for Carrying out All-Ukrainian Agricultural Census by the State Statistical Agencies

The article is devoted to the issues of forming legal basis for organization and carrying out of agricultural censuses. The authors present a concise content of items of the Law of Ukraine “On Agricultural Census” and of measures of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine on practical use of its norms. The paper substantiates the necessity of regular agricultural censuses. It is determined that the main purposes of censuses is receiving statistical information for realizing effective agrarian and food policy in the country.


I. G. Suray

Subjects of Personnel Management of Public Service of Ukraine

The paper characterizes the subjects of personnel management of public service of Ukraine and shows the ways of their improvement.