Statistics of Ukraine


2009, № 1 (44)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Prylypko Yu. I. Modifications of Financial Method for the Shadow Economy Estimation 4
Sybyryakova M. V. Methodological Basis for Statistical Accounting of the Structure and Dynamics of Foreign Trade in Commodities of Ukraine 9
Shyra T.B. Approaches to Statistical Estimation of the state of Innovation and Technological Potential of an Enterprise 14

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Yeliseyeva O.K., Tverdohlib I.S. Application of the SSA Method for Analysis and Forecasting of Economic Systems Development 21
Myroshnychenko T. O. Some Actual Issues of Dwelling Investment Statistics 26
Popova V. V. Evaluation Methods for Structural Changes of Factor Combinations of the Ukrainian Economy 30
Stoletova I. G. Estimates of the Mobile Communication Operators’ Contribution to the National Economy 37

Business Tendency Surveys

Pugachova M. V. Ukrainian Economy Tendencies in the Eyes of Enterprise Leaders (Analytical Review). Studying Investment Policy of Ukrainian Enterprises 41

Demographic and Social Statistics

Gorobets O. V. Regional Differentiation of Indicators of Reproduction of the Population of Autonomous Republic of Crimea 50
Dauksh I. A. Statistical Estimation of Dynamics and Structure of Criminality in Republic of Byelorussia over the Period 1990–2007 54
Mischuk G. Yu., Yakusheva O. O. Demographic Preconditions of Reforming the Pension Security Mechanisms 58
Tkachenko L. G. The Experience of Analytical Research of the EU Population Living Conditions 65

Regional Statistics

Kolesnik V.I. Statistical Support of Investment and Innovation Activity Management in a Region 70
Kupalova G. I., Koreneva N. O. Statistical Support for the Analysis of Investment Attractiveness of Regions of Ukraine 76
Fatyukha N. G. Statistical Research of the Motor Transport Communications Infrastructure in Zaporizhia Region 81
Schuryk M. V. Economic Aspect of Stable Development in Context of the Carpathian Land Resources Reproduction 87

History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V. Graph Method in Statistics: History and Theory. Part I. Conception and Formation of the Graph Method in Statistics 93

Public Administration

Mischenko K. S. Organization of Accounting of the Population’s Needs for Social Services: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects 100
Ostapchuk Yu. M., Sikachyna O.V. Organizational and Legal Basis for Carrying out All-Ukrainian Agricultural Census by the State Statistical Agencies 104
Suray I.G. Subjects of Personnel Management of Public Service of Ukraine 109

Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Lev Semyonovych Kaminsky (the 120-th anniversary since birthday) 114

New Editions, Reviews

Yegorov I.Yu. A Review on O. Salikhova’s Monograph “High Technologies: Definition and Estimates” 116
Chronicle 119
Abstracts 127