T. M. Bulchak

Statistical Analysis of Target Population of Wholesale Trade Enterprises

Using the case of Zhytomyr oblast, the author gives the analysis of enterprise total population, calculates the variability indices and reveals considerable differentiation of wholesale enterprises by city and region.


S. P. Koval

Forming the Wholesale Trade Enterprises Sampled Population

The article covers principles and determines the main stages of forming sampled population for the wholesale trade enterprises while preparing and carrying out sample survey.


O.G. Matkovska

Construction Technique for Integral Indicators of Atmospheric Air Condition

The paper provides results of analysis and sums up data on the atmospheric air condition in Republic of Byelorussia, by the main component method.


M.V. Pugachova

New Analysis Methods of Business Tendency Survey Information for Studying the Economic Situation

The topic of the article is adaptation and improvement of new methods of analysis and accommodation of business survey information, developed by the Ifo-institute to follow the business cycle stages. It is shown that these methods are available for Ukrainian surveys as well and may be used not only in industry but also in construction and transport. For studying cyclical fluctuations the author offers new criteria for enterprise segmentation which are more suitable for the developing market economies and in conditions of crisis.


S. S. Gerasymenko, O. A. Chupryna

Statistical Characteristic of Structural Changes in the Economy of Ukraine

Using information on gross output and GDP of Ukraine in 2001–2007, the authors analyze the structure of the Ukrainian economy and compare it with the structure and rates of development of the European Union and some countries of Europe in the context of realizing main tasks of socio-economic development of the country.


O. K. Yeliseyeva, V. V. Tolоchok

Statistical Study of Securities Market of Ukraine

The article presents a comparative analysis of different methods of financial market estimation. Statistical analysis of the Ukrainian share market is done; the problems of its formation and development are shown. The most urgent of them are the following ones: lack of effective infrastructure that will accumulate capital for investments and promote efficient distribution of financial resources; stagnation of the market due to low profitability of capital investments to securities of Ukrainian corporations, heavy taxes.


 N. V. Kovtun

Statistical Estimation of Preconditions of Economic Crisis in Ukraine

Using the statistical data analysis of main macroeconomic indicators over the period 1990–2007, the author estimates the real level of economic and social development of Ukraine and reveals the reasons of economic changes for the worse.


O. O. Kolesnyk

Evolution of Tourism Statistics

The author determines stages of formation and development of tourism as an economic sector, studies evolution of tourism in the world and peculiarities of its development in Ukraine.


L. G. Rozhdestvenska, M. V. Mazur

Changing the Priorities in Taxation: International Comparison

International comparisons on changing the priorities in taxation are made by statistical methods of comparative analysis (cases of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Byelorussia). Conformity of value-added tax collection, working in Ukraine, and the SNA methodology of UNO is analyzed as well as dynamics intensity of tax loading on GDP in separate countries.


Z. O. Palian

Statistical Analysis of Factors and Preconditions of Birth-Rate in Ukraine

The article considers the role and analyzes interaction of socio-demographic and medical determinants of birth-rate in Ukraine. Using multifactor index models the author shows how medical and demographic factors and preconditions have effect on modern reproductive behavior of the Ukrainian population.


A. V. Tarasevych

Statistical Estimation of Mortality Effect on the Labor Potential of Republic of Byelorussia

The paper presents statistical estimation of the demographic processes, mortality in particular, on dynamics of the able-bodied population of Republic of Byelorussia. The article also studies the problems of reproduction of labour potential of the country and offers the ways to solve them.


M. M. Zhylenkova

Information Support for Analysis of Socio-Economic Development of Ukraine’s Regions: the Ways of Improvement

This article views the key directions of improvement of information support for creating managerial decisions on the socio-economic development of Ukraine’s regions. The paper also considers the survey and analysis methods that are used in international statistics.


S. N. Kontseba

Correlative and Regressive Analysis of Industrial Resources Influence  on the Rape Production in Cherkasy Region

This paper presents the analysis of the effect of aggregate industrial resources of a region on rape production by agricultural enterprises of Cherkasy region, and determines the factors influencing directly the creation of specialized zones of concentrated production of rape.


I. A. Zhukovych, Yu. O. Ryzhkova

Comparative Analysis of Development of Scientific and Technical Potential of Ukraine and Other Countries of the World

The article deals with main results of the comparative analysis of scientific and technical potential of Ukraine and other countries of the world. A conclusion is made that this target becomes complicated due to different methodological approaches to formation of the proper indicators of scientific and innovative activity.


N. O. Mykhailyuk

Organization of Transportation Surveys of the Privileged Passengers: International Experience

The paper considers methods for accounting trips of the passengers having the right of free-of-charge travel in public transport, in the European countries. Experience of the United Kingdom and Russian Federation is used.


E. V. Chekotovsky

Graph Method in Statistics: History and Theory. Part II. Development and Application of the Graph Method in Statistics

The article is devoted to history of formation of main concepts and use of graph method in statistics. The paper contains critical remarks and methodological conclusions on definitions of the statistical graph in statistical literature, its basic elements and classifications of statistical graphs.


A. M. Balashov

International Context of Public Management of Stable Development in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the analysis of international context of stable development in Ukraine. The basic directions of use of international standards in this sphere are proved as well as the experience of international institutes, for improving the mechanisms of public management of stable development.


M. P. Voronov

Conceptual Foundations of Forming the Model of an Incorporated Territorial Community

The paper studies the issues of development of the incorporated territorial community model for Ukraine in a context of reforming the base of local self-management (organizational, legal, financial and economic, etc.), changes of the administrative and territorial structure on the Ukrainian and European experience and formation of principles of a civil society.


V. R. Grygorovych

The Up-to-date Model of Making Administrative Decisions in the Public Health System in Ukraine

The basic components of up-to-date model of making administrative decisions in public health services of Ukraine are examined, namely: administrative and legal maintenance, analysis of economic base for transformations caused by introduction of market relations in this sector, information support of the process of administrative decision formation.


Yu. G. Korolyuk

Interregional Cooperation in the Context of Regulation of Socio-Economic Development of a Region: a System Approach

The block diagram of influence of changes in socio-economic conditions of Ivano-Frankivsk area on the corresponding indicators of Chernivtsi area is developed and realized as a neuronetwork model. The applied analysis of the processes of interregional interaction in a context of regulation of socio-economic development of a region is carried out on the basis of the created model.


A. I. Pavlov

Transformation of a Functional Model of Rural Territories of Ukraine in Conditions of Globalization

The paper discusses the basis of forming postindustrial functional model of rural territories of Ukraine. It also considers the results of globalization effect on the development of rural territories and presents their differentiation by functional indication.