Statistics of Ukraine


2009, № 2 (45)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Bulchak T. M. Statistical Analysis of Target Population of Wholesale Trade Enterprises 4
Koval S. P. Forming the Wholesale Trade Enterprises Sampled Population 9
Matkovska O. G. Construction Technique for Integral Indicators of Atmospheric Air Condition 12
Pugachova M.V. New Analysis Methods of Business Tendency Survey Information for Studying the Economic Situation 18

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Gerasymenko S. S., Chupryna O. A. Statistical Characteristic of Structural Changes in the Economy of Ukraine 24
Yeliseyeva O. K., Tolоchok V. V. Statistical Study of Securities Market of Ukraine 28
Kovtun N. V. Statistical Estimation of Preconditions of Economic Crisis in Ukraine 33
Kolesnyk O. O. Evolution of Tourism Statistics 39
Rozhdestvenska L. G., Mazur M. V. Changes of the Priorities in Taxation: International Comparisons 43

Demographic and Social Statistics

Palian Z. O. Statistical Analysis of Factors and Preconditions of Birth-Rate in Ukraine 48
Tarasevych A. V. Statistical Estimation of Mortality Effect on the Labor Potential of Republic of Byelorussia 55

Regional Statistics

Zhylenkova M. M. Information Support for Analysis of Socio-Economic Development of Ukraine’s Regions: the Ways of Improvement 62
Kontseba S. N. Correlative and Regressive Analysis of Industrial Resources Influence on the Rape Production in Cherkasy Region 64

International Projects and Experience

Zhukovych I. A., Ryzhkova Yu. O. Comparative Analysis of Development of Scientific and Technical Potential of Ukraine and Other Countries of the World 69
Mykhailyuk N. O. Organization of Transportation Surveys of the Privileged Passengers: International Experience 76

History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V. Graph Method in Statistics: History and Theory. Part II. Development and Application of the Graph Method in Statistics 83

Public Administration

Balashov A. M. International Context of Public Management of Stable Development in Ukraine 91
Voronov M. P. Conceptual Foundations of Forming the Model of an Incorporated Territorial Community 94
Grygorovych V. R. The Up-to-Date Model of Making Administrative Decisions in the Public Health System in Ukraine 97
Korolyuk Yu. G. Interregional Cooperation in the Context of Regulation of Socio-Economic Development of a Region: a System Approach 102
Pavlov O. I. Transformation of a Functional Model of Rural Territories of Ukraine in Conditions of Globalization 107

Chronicle 112
Abstracts 115