V. I. Kolesnik, O. O. Puzanova

Development of Information-Telecommunication System  of the State Statistical Agencies of Ukraine

The article considers the key directions in the development of the information-telecommunication system of the state statistical agencies of Ukraine. The ways for realization of primary tasks on informatization of statistical agencies are outlined.


V. G. Sarioglo, N. A. Vaschayeva

Problems of Developing Effective Design for Territorial Sample in Integrated Household Surveys

The article focuses on the issues of improvement of existing methodology of organization of socio-demographic surveys, in particular, regarding development of the coordinated design for various surveys. The authors offer a new approach providing the possibility to select territorial units with probabilities, proportional to various characteristics of the size, for use in the population surveys carried out simultaneously.


S. V. Glukhova

The Influence of World Financial and Economic Crisis on Activity of Building Sector  of Ukraine

The paper analyzes the impact of global financial and economic crisis on the economies of leading countries of the world and CIS countries; it also determines the cause-effect relationship of crisis phenomena dynamics in the countries of the world and the Ukraine’s economy as a whole and the building complex in particular. The author offers the ways of overcoming crisis in the building sector by intensification of innovative activity.


B. Ye. Grabovetsky, I. Yu. Yepifanova

Using the Delphi Technique in Determination of Optimal Indicators for Estimating Efficiency of Investment Activity

The author studies the possibility of using expert estimations for determining efficiency of investment activity and the level of investment attractiveness. The system of indicators characterizing investment activity of enterprises is formed. On the basis of poll results the indicators were ranged by relative weight. The author shows efficiency of the Delphi technique for estimation of effectiveness of investment activity of enterprises.


I. A. Dernova

Comparative Analysis of Nominal and Real Exchange Rates of Hryvnia

The paper analyses dynamics of national currency exchange rate in correlation with the rate of inflation, and estimates the ratio of the nominal and real rates of hryvnia to US dollar, euro and Russian ruble.


R. O. Kostyrko, V. O. Shevchuk

Internal Control of Financial and Economic Stability of Enterprise:  Changing an Existing Paradigm in Crisis Conditions

On the basis of system analysis the paper presents substantiation of change of a scientific paradigm of internal control. The place and role of internal control in securing financial and economic stability of an enterprise in conditions of crisis are determined. The article gives characteristic of functional spheres of internal control of financial and economic stability and its procedures.

O. V. Mukha

Estimating the Influence of Increase in Energy Sources Prices on Byelorussia’s Economy within the Framework of VAR-Model of Monetary Transmission

The article analyses how a rise in prices of the imported energy sources influences the economy of Byelorussia (within the framework of VAR-model of monetary transmission). A conclusion is made that the impulse of gas prices has a steady rising effect over inflation during five or six quarters, reaching its peak in the third and fourth quarters; then, since the seventh quarter, the negative effect runs low. At the same time the analysis confirms statistically significant negative reaction of the GDP volume to a price shock with a lag of three or four quarters.


K. O. Prokopenko

Structural Surveys of Agricultural Producers

The article considers the basic directions of the further harmonization of domestic agrarian statistics with the international requirements. It also analyses the basis for carrying out structural surveys of agricultural producers by Eurostat’s methodology, the principles of forming population and information base. The author points out to the necessity of taking into account peculiarities of the domestic production structure and agricultural production while forming methodological basis for carrying out structural surveys.


A. V. Rotar

Statistical and Economic Estimation of Innovative Activity in Industry

The article presents statistical and economic estimation of the situation in innovative activity of enterprises in industry. The analysis of branch structure of innovative activity is carried out. The conclusion is made about low productivity of this sphere in the Ukrainian industry. The author reveals the reasons of reduction of the amount of new technological processes introduced at the enterprises and offers the measures for improvement of innovational activity in industry.


S. O. Shybirina

Development of Primary Real Estate Market in Ukraine: Statistical Characteristic

The paper focuses on the status and rates of development of the primary real estate market in Ukraine. It also presents regional analysis on the performed construction works volume and typological grouping on the regional structure of the performed construction works


L. O. Yaschenko

New Approaches to Statistical Analysis of Price Situation in the Building Market Based on Business Survey Data

The article provides new approaches to the statistical analysis of a price situation in the building market as a combination of statistical analysis methods and methods of strategic management, marketing and risk-management, namely: the GAP-analysis, criterion of pessimism (Vald criterion), criterion of extreme optimism, criterion of optimism coefficient (Gurvitz criterion), Laplas criterion, the Boston consulting group matrix, and the SWOT-analysis.


O. V. Kustovska, R. V. Tsischyk

Statistical Estimation of Regional Seasonal Fluctuations of Birth Rate and Death Rate

The article considers methodological basis for revealing and estimating intrayear fluctuations, as well as methodical approaches to the analysis of dynamics regularities of region demographic parameters based on seasonal indices. The paper presents algorithms and results of data calculations on monthly quantity of births and deaths in Ternopil region over 2002-2008.


L. P. Sikerko

Employment Efficiency as a Factor of Human Development

The article is devoted to research of theoretical and practical basis of formation of effective employment and to the analysis of its influence on human development. The author considers some aspects of active employment policy in the light of the International Labor Organization’s concepts.


R. O. Kulynych

Statistical Estimation of Dependence of Comparative Intensity Indicators of Regional Development

The article suggests the ways of using statistical methods of quantitative study of interrelationship for estimating the influence of relative intensity indicators of regional development.


A. V. Sydorova

Statistical Estimation of Market Balance at Regional Service Markets

The paper considers urgent questions of equilibrium of supply and demand at the services market, macroeconomic and regional disproportions and also services market performance in current conditions of extending crisis processes.


N. G. Fatyukha

Statistical Analysis of Transport Complex of Zaporizhia Region

The article provides statistical analysis of the transport complex of Zaporizhia region over the period 1995-2007, including the analysis on its separate kinds. The paper enlightens the key problems and advantages of some kinds of transport.


M. V. Schuryk

Small Privatization of Carpathian Macroregion Lands: Achievements and Problems

The paper gives estimation of intermediate results of land reform in agriculture of Carpathian macroregion. The author grounds expediency and need for land privatization by households and suggests to stop privatization for a while in order to analyze the results of land reform.


I. I. Yurchyshyn

Modern Tendencies and Peculiarities of Socio-Economic Development of Ivano-Frankivsk Region

The article analyses main socio-economic indicators, characterizing the development of Ivano-Frankivsk region in 2008. The directions and ways are suggested to improve the mechanism for realizing social policy in a region.


G. V. Dmytrenko

Modernization of State Financial Control in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the problems of improvement of the state financial control and enhancement of a role of the executive authorities carrying out the financial control. The author determines maintenance of forming the budget and increase of efficiency of budgetary charges as the primary goals of state policy in the state financial control sphere and formulates directions of its realization.


T. V. Kondratyuk

Studying the Family Relationship Sphere as an Object of Public Management: General Sociological Foundations

The author makes an attempt to systematize information for characteristic of the sphere of family relations as an object of public management. Various aspects of family relations are studied. The key components of theoretical views at the family relations sphere are characterized.


O. A. Yatsenko

Control over Use of the State Property by Foreign Military Formations in Ukraine

The article analyses the experience of public and state control of use of various categories of objects of the state property by foreign military formations in Ukraine. The conclusion is made that each of seven categories of objects of state property is controlled by the Russian military formations notwithstanding the current legislation of Ukraine and the ratified international agreements.