Statistics of Ukraine


2009, № 3 (46)

In the Issue:


Development Prospects of the National Statistical System

Kolesnik V. I., Puzanova O.O. Development of Information-Telecommunication System of the State Statistical Agencies of Ukraine 4

Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Sarioglo V. G., Vaschayeva  N. A. Problems of Developing Effective Design for Territorial Sample in Integrated Household Surveys 13

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Glukhova S. V. The Influence of World Financial and Economic Crisis on Activity of Building Sector of Ukraine 18
Grabovetsky B. Ye., Yepifanova I. Yu. Using the Delphi Technique in Determination of Optimal Indicators for Estimating Efficiency of Investment Activity 23
Dernova I. A. Comparative Analysis of Nominal and Real Exchange Rates of Hryvnia 29
Kostyrko R. O., Shevchuk V. O. Internal Control of Financial and Economic Stability of Enterprise: Changing an Existing Paradigm in Crisis Conditions 34
Mukha O. V. Estimating the Influence of Increase in Energy Sources Prices on Byelorussia’s Economy within the Framework of VAR-Model of Monetary Transmission 40
Prokopenko K. O. Structural Surveys of Agricultural Producers 46
Rotar A. V. Statistical and Economic Estimation of Innovative Activity in Industry 52
Shybirina S. O. Development of Primary Real Estate Market in Ukraine: Statistical Characteristic 58
Yaschenko L. O. New Approaches to Statistical Analysis of Price Situation at the Building Market Based on Business Survey Data 64

Demographic and Social Statistics

Kustovska O. V., Tsischyk R. V. Statistical Estimation of Regional Seasonal Fluctuations of Birth Rate and Death Rate

Sikerko L. P. Employment Efficiency as a Factor of Human Development 80

Regional Statistics

Kulynych R. O. Statistical Estimation of Dependence of Comparative Intensity Indicators of Regional Development 84
Sydorova A. V. Statistical Estimation of Market Balance at Regional Service Markets 92
Fatyukha N. G. Statistical Analysis of Transport Complex of Zaporizhia Region 99
Schuryk M. V. Small Privatization of Carpathian Macroregion Lands : Achievements and Problems 107
Yurchyshyn I. I. Modern Tendencies and Peculiarities of Socio-Economic Development of Ivano-Frankivsk Region 114

Public Administration

Dmytrenko G. V. Modernization of State Financial Control in Ukraine 118
Kondratyuk T. V. Studying the Family Relationship Sphere as an Object of Public Management: General Sociological Foundations 124
Yatsenko O. A. Control over Use of the State Property by Foreign Military Formations in Ukraine 129

New Editions, Reviews

Matkovsky S. O. A Review on R.О. Kulynych’s Monograph “Statistical Analysis Methods of Interrelation of Indicators of Socio-Economic Development” 135

Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Mykhailo Volodymyrovych Kryvy is 70 136
Mykhailo Vasylyovych Ptukha (125-th anniversary since birthday)

Chronicle 139
Abstracts 141