Statistics of Ukraine


2009, № 4 (47)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Gerasymenko S. S., Chupryna O. A. Statistics for Non-Statisticians: Studies without Fear 4
Yegorov I. Yu. Problems of Construction of General Indices of Innovation Development for Ukraine 7
Motoryn R. M., Motoryna T. M. Directions of Harmonization of Statistical Accounting and Bookkeeping for the Improvement of Information Support of Administrative Decisions 11
Nerb G., Pugachova M. V., Yaschenko L. O. New Approaches to Modeling the Changes of Gross Value Added 17
Ogay M. Yu. Methodological Approaches to the Estimation of Manpower Indicators for Small Population Aggregates 24

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Honchar I. A., Lakshtanov S. O. Statistical Analysis of Inflation Factors in Ukraine 31
Kozak S. V. Statistical Estimation of Gas Market in Ukraine 35
Kondrya G. V. International Transport Corridors in Ukraine 42
Nesterova S. L. Analysis of the Insurance Services Market of Ukraine 46
Popov V. Yu. Statistics of Monetary Lever of Economic Development 52
Skachek N. Yu. Statistical Analysis of Results of Agricultural Producers’ Activity: Methodological Aspects 58

Regional Statistics

Gnatyk Ya. B. Improving Estimation Indicators of Situation at the Motor Transport Services Market

Kozak S. V. Housing Resources of the Rivne Region and Directions of Their Development 67
Pleskach V. Yu. Basic Aspects of Regional Dynamics of Labour Market 72
Tkachuk I. V. Components and Factors of Regional Human Development (Case of Ivano-Frankivsk Region) 76

Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Oginska A. G. Forestry Statistics in the Context of International Processes of Steady Forests Management

Romanyuk O. P. Social Aspects of Energy-Saving Policy in the System of Heat Supply: Solvency of the Population and Its Readiness for Energy Effective Measures. Part I. Solvency of Consumers of Services of the Centralized Heating 85

Public Administration

Vyshnevska O. A. Social Statistics Indicators as Basic Information for Working out and Realization of Social Policy 93
German G. Yu. Career at Public Service: Concept and Essence 97
Morozova N. G. Professionalism as a Factor of Human Resource Formation for Public Service in Ukraine 102

New Editions, Reviews

Shevchuk V. О. A Review on N. Parfentseva’s Monograph “International Statistical Classifications in Ukraine: Development and Introduction” 109

Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Ukrainian Specialized Statistical Science Is 40 112
Volodymyr Ivanovych Karpov Is 60

Chronicle 114
Abstracts 118
Alphabetic Index on the Authors of the Papers Published in “Statistics of Ukraine” in 2009 123