I. V. Kalachova, O. A. Rudych

National Account of Social Protection: Construction Concept and Information Support

The article describes conceptual and methodological principles of satellite account of social protection as an instrument recommended by Eurostat. It also considers the European requirements for this account formation, and the basic regulations adapted to the Ukrainian conditions, underlying methodology of drawing up of the national account of social protection in Ukraine.


N. V. Kovtun, N. I. Grazhevska

Statistical Estimation of Main Trends of Globalization Process

The article studies the basic globalization tendencies and peculiarities of their formation in the countries of different levels of socio-economic development.


S. O. Matkovsky, O. A. Ponomarenko

Conceptual Approaches to Construction of the Metadata Base in Statistics

The paper provides conceptual approaches to formation of the metadata base for the information system of the state statistical agencies. The authors present the key metadata components for description of statistical observation and offer a list of indicators.


V. V. Popova

Measurement Scale for Economic Development of National Macrosystem

The article is devoted to statistical aspects of economic development, based on theoretical conception as to the GDP formation factors and statistical estimation of organizational and economic process control mechanism. By the suggested methods quantitative indicators and qualitative characteristics of the national macrosystem are reflected in the unified scale of economic development.


I. O. Krekhivsky

Forecasting Export of Engineering Industry Products for 2010 by Commodity Structure

The paper views main foreign and native researchers’ approaches to modeling and forecasting of foreign trade. The author suggests his own improved model of export of engineering industry products and forecasts export of products of main product groups of this industry for 2010.


M. V. Lesnikova

Aggregation of the Average Price Indices and the Export and Import Volume Indices in External Trade of Goods

The article studies main principles of aggregation of price indices and volume indices of export and import of goods. A special attention is concentrated on the process of construction of chain series of price indices and volume indices of export of goods with constant weights.


A. V. Rotar

Peculiarities of Statistical Estimation of Innovation Activity of Enterprises on the CIS Programme (Community Innovation Survey)

The paper enlightens methodological approaches to the estimation of innovation activity of enterprises by the CIS European methodology. The author examines the statistical observation instruments and describes peculiarities of innovation activity of enterprises and organizations of five regions of Ukraine, which took part in a pilot survey by the CIS 6 international methodology.


A. V. Sydorova, M. A. Zhmailo

Banking Efficiency: Statistical Estimation and Modelling

The aim of this article is to form a system of indicators of banking efficiency. The authors carried out a complex statistical analysis of efficiency of banking sector of Ukraine and estimated the largest banks. The forecasting indices of net profit were calculated on the basis of the power function model that made it possible to estimate the influence of efficiency of using bank capital and bank staff’s work on the size of deficient profit in conditions of crisis. The authors also formulate the measures for enhancing banking efficiency.


N. G. Fatyukha

Motor Transport as an Object of Statistical Research

The article determines the sources of statistical information on the motor transport activity. It also analyzes indicators that characterize this subindustry, the situation in cargo and passenger transportation in particular.


N. M. Vasylyeva

Statistical Analysis of the Educational System (Experience of the Zhytomyr Region)

By statistical analysis methods the author examines tendencies that have been observed in the educational system over the last thirteen years, and shows the key directions for improving the state of affairs in the educational sphere.


N. M. Levchuk

Smoking in Ukraine: Estimating Risk Factors

The article provides estimation of the key risk factors as to smoking among the population of reproductive age in Ukraine. By results of medical and demographic survey, carried out in 2007, using the method of logistic regression, the author calculates odds ratio, showing how risk of smoking depends on different social and demographic characteristics of respondents. She also gives arguments for prohibition of tobacco advertising and other measures to reduce prevalence of smoking among young women.


T. M. Trofimchuk

Problems of Forming Human Capital in the Spheres of Public Health and Education

Giving more precise definition of the concept of “human capital”, the article focuses on the problems of its formation and components of the reproduction process. The author studies the problems of reproduction of human capital in public health and education and shows that they are caused, mainly, by insufficient financing of these spheres.


O. A. Khvostenko

Manufacturing Industry in the System of Classifications of Economic Activities

This article provides the issue of using Classifications of Economic Activities for the analysis and estimation of competitive environment of an enterprise. By analyzing the new version of NACE, Rev. 2 the author determines the structure of a new version of the KVED Section “Manufacturing Industry”.


O. P. Romanyuk

Social Aspects of Energy-Saving Policy in the System of Centralized Heat Supply:

Solvency of the Population and Its Readiness for Energy Effective Measures.

Part II. Readiness of Consumers of Services of the Centralized Heating for Energy Effective Measures

The aim of this article is to analyze the level of customers’ satisfaction by services of centralized heating and to show main reasons of users’ dissatisfaction by their quality. The author presents the results of estimation of the population’s readiness for co-financing of measures on thermomodernization of dwellings. She generalizes causes of insufficient level of the population’s readiness to participate in the process of energy effective measures in the available housing, and offers the most important steps for solving the problems.


N. M. Bugayenko

Current Trends of Development of the State Aid System in the EU

The article analyzes the system of granting state aid to economic entities in the EU countries. The author determines main trends in the policy of state aid regulation and considers introduction of temporary extraordinary antirecessionary measures as a mechanism of counteraction to global financial and economic crisis. The most common directions of horizontal help are shown.


S. M. Klimova

Subjects of Realization of State Financial Policy

The article presents the comparative analysis of institutional organization of realization of state financial policy in Ukraine and in the foreign countries. Recommendations on the improvement of financial management in Ukraine are developed.


Yu. G. Korolyuk

Performance Efficiency of Local Authorities: a Differentiated Estimation Technique Based on Methods of the Applied System Analysis

The paper presents a technique for determining the differentiated estimation of the local authorities’ performance efficiency based on methods of the applied system analysis and approved by the example of administrative-territorial areas of the Chernivtsi region. The author has calculated the effectiveness ratio of local authorities’ influence on the socio-economic indicators of the region.


O. M. Kravchenko

Motivational Mechanisms for Attracting Financial Resources of the Population by Banks

The article provides motivational mechanisms for attracting financial resources of the population by banks. The author studies peculiarities, tendencies and problems of development of deposit market in Ukraine, analyzes the current situation as to attraction of financial resources of the population by business banks of Ukraine and offers new deposit products for natural persons as a motivation for placing their savings.


V. M. Solovyov

Concept of “New Public Management” and Its Essence

The article generalizes the existing in scientific literature approaches to interpretation of the terms “new public management”, “public management”, investigates their historical origin and analyses the interrelation with the term “public administration”.


L. M. Usachenko

Place and Role of Analytical Centers in Ukraine in the Context of International Experience

The paper examines the role and place of independent analytical centers as influential non-government organizations in formation of effective system of interrelations of the government institutions with institutions of a civil society. The analytical centers in Ukraine are considered as an effective element of a civil society, whose purpose and role are determined by their functions, quality and public value of the intellectual product they make.