Statistics of Ukraine


2010, № 1 (48)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Kalachova I. V., Rudych O. A. National Account of Social Protection: Construction Concept and Information Support 4
Kovtun N. V., Grazhevska N. I. Statistical Estimation of Main Trends of Globalization Process 12
Matkovsky S. O., Ponomarenko O. A. Conceptual Approaches to Construction of the Metadata Base in Statistics 18
Popova V. V. Measurement Scale for Economic Development of National Macrosystem 22

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Krekhivsky I. O. Forecasting Export of Engineering Industry Products for 2010 by Commodity Structure 28
Lesnikova M. V. Aggregation of the Average Price Indices and the Export and Import Volume Indices in External Trade of Goods 33
Rotar A. V. Peculiarities of Statistical Estimation of Innovation Activity of Enterprises on the CIS Programme (Community Innovation Survey) 39
Sydorova A. V., Zhmailo M. A. Banking Efficiency: Statistical Estimation and Modelling 46
Fatyukha N. G. Motor Transport as an Object of Statistical Research 53

Demographic and Social Statistics

Vasylyeva N. M. Statistical Analysis of the Educational System (Experience of the Zhytomyr Region)

Levchuk N. M. Smoking in Ukraine: Estimating Risk Factors 64
Trofimchuk T. M. Problems of Forming Human Capital in the Spheres of Public Health and Education 73

Design and Introduction of Classifiers and Standards

Khvostenko O. A. Manufacturing Industry in the System of Classifications of Economic Activities 81

Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Romanyuk O. P. Social Aspects of Energy-Saving Policy in the System of Centralized Heat Supply: Solvency of the Population and Its Readiness for Energy Effective Measures. Part II. Readiness of Consumers of Services of the Centralized Heating for Energy Effective Measures 86

Public Administration

Bugayenko N. M. Current Trends of Development of the State Aid System in the EU 92
Klimova S. M. Subjects of Realization of State Financial Policy 98
Korolyuk Yu. G. Performance Efficiency of Local Authorities: a Differentiated Estimation Technique Based on Methods of the Applied System Analysis 103
Kravchenko O. M. Motivational Mechanisms for Attracting Financial Resources of the Population by Banks 108
Solovyov V. M. Concept of “New Public Management” and Its Essence 116
Usachenko L. M. Place and Role of Analytical Centers in Ukraine in the Context of International Experience 119

New Editions, Reviews

Revenko A. P. “Statistical Yearbook of Ukraine, 2008” 124

Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Ella M. Libanova’s Jubilee 128
Igor Mykolaiovych Kovalenko is 75

Chronicle 130
Abstracts 137