O. V. Krekhivsky, O. B. Salikhova

Identification of High-Tech Industrial Enterprises of Ukraine: Methodology and Practice

Part I. International Standards and National Interests

The article studies technological level of Ukrainian industrial producers. The authors substantiate the necessity of a selective approach to adaptation of international standards in the sphere of monitoring of high-tech production and prove expediency of an address approach to the government control and stimulation of national high-tech goods production.


N. S. Medzhybovska

Forming the National System of Development Indicators of Information Society in Ukraine

The article considers propositions as to formation of the National system of development indicators of information society. The author presents a model of this system, which consists of two parts characterizing the level of readiness to the development of an information society and the level of using information and communication technologies. Main constraints of the model are considered and a system of its indicators is suggested.


M. Yu. Ogay

Citizen Report Cards Methodology as an Instrument for Estimating Quality of Municipal Services

The paper considers peculiarities of the citizen report cards methodology and methods of its use while estimating quality of services for the population at the municipal level. A special attention is given to the possibility of assurance of feedback between service consumers and service providers. The author gives examples of statistical analysis of inquiry results on the mentioned methodology.


S. V. Danylko

Development of Ecological Funds in Ukraine: Statistical Characteristic

The article sheds light on domestic practice of development and functioning of ecological funds as additional sources for financing environmental protection measures. Statistical characteristic is given to the  stages of development and formation of ecological funds, whose activity is directed to the improvement of environmental conditions in Ukraine.


O. M. Motuzka

Statistical Estimation of Effectiveness of International Technical Assistance

The paper considers approaches to statistical estimation of effectiveness of international technical assistance. It offers a system of statistical indicators for estimation of international technical assistance and proves the need of construction of integral index.


V. I. Trokhymenko

Banking Services Market in Ukraine: Current Situation and Development Trends

The article studies the current situation and evolution tendencies of the banking services market in Ukraine. Practical recommendations are given as to assurance of its stable development in conditions of global economic and financial crisis.


K. M. Filonenko

External Debt of Ukraine: Analysis of Dynamics and Structure

The article analyses dynamics and structure of external debt of Ukraine. The debt obligations and ability to pay are estimated by the debt safety indicators.


O. I. Yashkina

Statistical Analysis of Development of Innovation Complex of Ukraine

The paper provides the results of economic and statistical analysis of innovation complex of Ukraine. The cluster analysis of Ukraine’s regions is carried out by the organizations’ research activity indicators and the enterprises’ innovation activity indicators.


O. O. Oliynyk

Statistical Research of Risks in Social and Labor Relations

The article analyses insufficiency of modern methods of regulation of risks in social and labor relations, obligatory state social insurance in particular. The author proves the necessity of introducing market instruments of effect on risks in social and labor relations.


T. M. Bulchak

Approaches to Stratification of Wholesale Enterprises While Forming Sampled Population (a Regional Aspect)

The paper considers preconditions and methodological and methodical approaches to formation of sampled population of the wholesale enterprises. Using the experience of the Zhytomyr region the author has carried out their stratification by the wholesale turnover and formed sampled population.


M. V. Schuryk

Privatization of Lands of the Agroindustrial Complex: Expediency Criteria, Peculiarities and  Preconditions

The article considers expediency of privatization of lands of the agroindustrial complex in the Carpathian macroregion. It covers the results of small privatization of lands by households. Criteria and preconditions of the organization of further privatization of land resources are offered. It is shown that the private form of ownership is incompatible with the solution of social and environmental problems.


N. O. Parfentseva, V. V. Popova

Distribution of the Countries by Type of Economic Development

The article provides a method of distribution of the countries by type of economic development, based on institutional, technological, external economic, consumer and food criteria. The statement is based on the revision of theoretical regulations of the corresponding methodological approaches. The coding system is developed on the analyzed economic development criteria.


M. G. Sydorenko

Data Comparability Assurance in Transition of Statistics of Ukraine to the New Version of KVED

The article examines the issues of data comparability assurance in transition to the new version of the Classification of Economic Activities. It will give an opportunity to make re-calculations of retrospective data, to upgrade prediction quality and provide comparability of statistical indicators of Ukraine at the international level.

I. A. Danylchuk

Role of the State in Financing Activity of Military Establishments of Public Health Services

The article considers the basic aspects of functioning and financing of military establishments of public health services. It analyzes the contingent of military-medical establishments of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, presents the results of the analysis of volumes and structures of their financing, balance of budgetary and out of budget financing. The author offers the ways for improving financial maintenance of military medical establishments.


T.V. Zaporozhets

Ethnopolitycal Conflict: the Conceptual Analysis

The article studies theoretical aspects of treating the terms “ethnos”, “ethnonations”, “nations”, “conflict”. The author considers main conceptual approaches to the analysis of phenomenon of ethnopolitical conflict and suggests her own interpretation.


N. G. Morozova

Efficient Management of Manpower in Public Service: Implementation of Personnel Policy

The article examines the most important aspects of providing executive authority with specialists in modern conditions of social and political and socio-economic development. The author analyzes the problems and proves preconditions of forming effective manpower policy, the use of new approaches in optimization of manpower management in public service.


L. A. Onyshchenko

Improving State Control Regarding Determination of Fair Value for the Own Capital of Insurance Companies

The paper studies main problems of representation and revealing of financial indicators of the insurance companies’ activity, analyses the reasons of possible poor quality of insurance services and proves the necessity of improving the legal and regulatory foundations of the insurance market activity. The article is constructed on the financial performance indicators of the first twenty of the insurance companies submitted in a rating “Owned capital” of magazine “Insurance TOP”.


V. M. Solovyov

Genesis of the Concept “New Public Management”

The article studies genesis of the concept “new public management”. Public administration and new public management are compared by the aspects of their characteristics, modes of functioning and methods of activity.