O. V. Honchar, T. O. Yanevych

Estimating Indicators of Small Enterprises by Domain

The paper considers the problem of estimation of results of structural surveys of small enterprises by the domain, such as a region and economic activity. It studies how Neyman and Bankier allocation can be used for different purposes of domain estimation. A simulation study was carried out for two strata with different characteristics.


O. V. Krekhivsky, O. B. Salikhova

Identification of High-Tech Industrial Enterprises of Ukraine: Methodology and Practice.

Part II. Key Criteria of Identification of Domestic High-Tech Producers

The article presents the results of approbation of the authors’ Methods of identification of Ukrainian high-tech industrial enterprises. The authors have determined and proved optimal indicators for classifying enterprises by technological level and their etalon values.


M. T. Mykytenko, M. V. Lesnikova, K. O. Ponomarenko

Methodological Issues of Calculation of Services Value on the Item “Tourist Services” in Foreign Economic Activity

The article covers methodological issues of tourism statistics. It presents the generalizing characteristic, terminology, principles of determination and calculation of services value in foreign trade according to the item “Tourist Services”.


G. I. Tereshchenko

Modern methodological approaches to statistical data matching

The modern methods of statistical matching of the data from different sources are considered and the classification of these methods is proposed. A special attention is paid to the approaches to the sample surveys’data matching on microlevel. Methodological statements that should be taken into account at the development of the approaches to data matching are formulated.


L. O. Yaschenko

Coordination of Quarterly and Yearly Trade Output: Methodical Aspects

The sources and indicators are determined for changing the information as to the trade output according to form № 1-enterprise. The author selected series of quarterly estimations of the trade output suitable for further coordination with the annual data and offered the best coordination method.


Ya. V. Kolesnik

Banking Capital as an Object of Statistical Study

The paper studies main approaches to the interpretation of the concept “banking capital”. It also presents a scheme of forming a system of statistical support of management of banking capital. The author considers the statistical analysis methods, used for construction of basis for the development of administrative decisions.


B. Ye. Grabovetsky, O. V. Chaplygina

Studying the Changing Tendency of Land Rent and Estimation of the Effect of Some Factors on Its Level (Experience of the Vinnytsia Region)

On the basis of data on the Vinnytsia Region for 2004–2009 the grouping of a land rent size was carried out and statistical characteristics of dynamic series determined. The authors selected the trend equations, which describe regularity and changing tendencies of the analyzed indicators in the best way. The effect of some factors on the rent change for the analyzed period was quantitatively estimated.


R. O. Kulynych

Determining Rating of Regions of Ukraine by the Development Intensity Indicators

The paper provides an approach to the determination of regions’ rating using the complex statistical coefficient method based on the calculation of values deviations from their average level. The relative intensity values of regional development are used as an initial base for this research.


S. O. Matkovsky, I. S. Gavuka, O. M. Synytsky

Estimating the Reserves of Increase in Profitability of Agricultural Enterprises of the Lviv Region

The authors study potential of the variance and correlative-regression analysis for the estimation of profitability growth reserves of agrarian enterprises at the regional level. The developed approach is approved on the selected population of agrarian enterprises of the Lviv region and the expediency of its use is grounded.


O. A. Rovenchak, V. V. Volodko

Comparative Content-Analysis of Ukrainian Periodicals Covering the Issues of International Migration and the Ukraine’s Place in It

Comparing the content-analysis data of the newspapers “Vysoky Zamok”, “Holos Ukrainy”, and “Dzerkalo Tyzhnya”, the authors show how these three editions cover the problems of international migration and the Ukraine’s place in it. A special attention is given to the themes, the most completely developed in the analyzed editions, namely: economic migration, long-term migration (diasporas) and illegal migration.


I. A. Zhukovych, Yu. O. Ryzhkova

Construction of a Price Deflator for Research and Development: International Experience

The article presents the analysis of international experience on measurement of real expenses for research and development. The authors consider basic methodological approaches to calculation of price indices of research and development, and substantiate the necessity to carry out an in-depth analysis of this problem in Ukraine.


O. V. Kuzmina

Normative Support of Quality Assurance in the European Statistical System

The article presents a review of basic normative documents used in the sphere of quality within the framework of the European Statistical System, i.e. the European Union current legal foundation, quality standards, including the generally accepted international ones as well as quality assessment methods and tools.


M. Yu. Shlapak

National Environmental Accounting of the EU Countries: a Useful Experience for Ukraine

The paper analyses approaches to formation of the system of environmental and economic accounts in the European countries. The author determines the most commonly used types of environmental accounts and the countries, which are the most active in application of the system of environmental and economic national accounting. Based on the analysis of the European countries’ experience, the article presents the order of steps for the development of the system of national environmental accounting of Ukraine and the priority types of environmental accounts.


O. A. Vyshnevska

Improving the Normative and Legal Basis of Statistical Support for the Needs of Social Policy over the Years of Independence of Ukraine

The paper provides the issues of development of national legislation in statistics and social policy, its revision and improvement over the years of Ukraine’s independence in order to form the efficient normative and legal basis of statistical support for the needs of state social policy.


G. Yu. German

Legal Support of Career in Public Service

The article analyzes the current legislation as to the career growth of state officials in Ukraine and formulates propositions for its improvement.


M. O. Katykhina

Improving Constitutional and Legal Foundations of Local Government in Ukraine

The paper presents the analysis of international and domestic constitutional and legal foundation of local government in Ukraine. Weak points and contradictions of the current legislation are determined. The author considers the ways of reforming the legal basis of local government, taking into account principles underlying European documents on these problems.