Statistics of Ukraine


2010, №3 (50)

In the Issue:


To celebration of the World Statistics Day 4
To the anniversary issue of magazine “Statistics of Ukraine” 6

Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Honchar O. V., Yanevych T. O. Estimating Indicators of Small Enterprises by Domain 7

Krekhivsky O. V., Salikhova O. B. Identification of High-Tech Industrial Enterprises of Ukraine: Methodology and Practice. Part II. Key Criteria of Identification of Domestic High-Tech Producers


Mykytenko M. T., Lesnikova M. V., Ponomarenko K. O. Methodological Issues of Calculation of Services Value on the Item “Tourist services” in Foreign Economic Activity


Tereshchenko G. I. Modern methodological approaches to statistical data matching


Yaschenko L. O. Coordination of Quarterly and Yearly Trade Output: Methodical Aspects


Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Kolesnik Ya. V. Banking Capital as an Object of Statistical Study 35

Regional Statistics

Grabovetsky B. Ye., Chaplygina O. V. Studying the Changing Tendency of Land Rent and Estimation of the Effect of Some Factors on Its Level (Experience of the Vinnytsia Region)

Kulynych R. O. Determining Rating of Regions of Ukraine by the Development Intensity Indicators 44

Matkovsky S. O., Gavuka I. S., Synytsky O. M. Estimating the Reserves of Increase in Profitability of Agricultural Enterprises of the Lviv Region


Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Rovenchak O. A., Volodko V. V. Comparative Content-Analysis of Ukrainian Periodicals Covering the Issues of International Migration and the Ukraine’s Place in It


International Projects and Experience

Zhukovych I. A., Ryzhkova Yu. O. Construction of a Price Deflator for Research and Development: International Experience


Kuzmina O. V. Normative Support of Quality Assurance in the European Statistical System


Shlapak M. Yu. National Environmental Accounting of the EU Countries: a Useful Experience for Ukraine


Public Administration

Vyshnevska O. A. Improving the Normative and Legal Basis of Statistical Support for the Needs of Social Policy over the Years of Independence of Ukraine

German G. Yu. Legal Support of Career in Public Service 76

Katykhina M. O. Improving Constitutional and Legal Foundations of Local Government in Ukraine


New Editions, Reviews

Petrova I. L. A Review on O. V. Akilina, L. M. Ilyich’s Manual “Labor Economics and Social and Labor Relations”


Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Omelyan Ivanovych Kulynych is 70 87
Chronicle 88
Abstracts 90