N. A. Vaschayeva

Approach to Sample Design Optimization for Reliability Growth of Data Estimation at the Regional Level

The article provides an approach to optimization of sample design based on redistribution of sample size for enhancing reliability of estimation of some poverty indicators at the level of regions. Importance of indicators, for which it is necessary to improve the reliability characteristics, is taken into account in the results presented in the paper.

M. V. Pugachova, G. Nerb

Business Surveys in Disequilibrium Models for Studying the State of Industry of Ukraine and Germany

The paper presents a new approach to obtaining the earlier signals on the changes of a phase of business cycle, providing segmentation of enterprises based on business survey data. The authors analyze the situation in industry of Ukraine and Germany, changed essentially under the influence of global financial and economiccrisis.


 A. P. Revenko

Development of Energy Balance of Ukraine

The author analyses the state of current energy statistics of Ukraine in the context of its transition to international standards, and considers the measures, directed to the development of energy balance in a format of the International Energy Agency. The article shows the possibility of using energy statistics in macroeconomic analysis.


L. M. Belkin

Normative and Statistical Approach to Substantiation of Food Expenses for Pupils of General  Eduction Schools of Ukraine

The author offers methods to substantiate food expenses for pupils of general education schools of Ukraine using food standards and statistical data on prices for necessary foodstuffs.


S. S. Gerasymenko, O. A. Chupryna, O. O. Chupryna

Ukraine in the Contemporary World: Comparative Multivariable Estimation

The authors use the multivariable classification methods for comparative estimation of the socio-economic development of Ukraine. They prove the advantages of such approach as compared with the most known integral indicators and ratings which are usually used to estimate the certain aspects of socio-economic and political life of the country or a region.


U. P. Nechytailo, O. R. Kardash

Problems of Adaptation of State Statistical Observation over Investment Processes to the EU Standards

The article analyses the problems of adaptation of state statistical observation over investment processes to EU standards. It considers some methodological aspects of statistical observation of capital investments, foreign economic activity investments and investment projects in Ukraine. The authors describe the process of harmonization of the system of indicators of statistical observation over capital investments with international standards.


S. F. Vaskiv

Methodical Approaches to Statistical Estimation of Transboundary Trade in Commodities

The article is devoted to the urgent questions of foreign economic activity at the regional level. It presents statistical indicators of determining the export potential of a region. Using the experience of the west regions of Ukraine, the author analyses transboundary exchange of the country.


N. V. Zvirid

Quantitative Analysis Methods of the Influence of Labour Migration on the Socio-Economic Development of a Region

The paper studies the influence of labour migration on the socio-economic development of a region. The author considers quantitative analysis methods; in particular, she offers an approach to calculation of the GDP costs of labour migration.


T. V. Kobylynska

Land Resources Protection in the Zhytomyr Region: Statistical Aspect

The article covers the urgent problems of land resources protection in the Zhytomyr region. Using official statistical data the author analyses the measures to be carried out for improving the soil.


I. A. Zhukovych, Yu. О. Ryzhkova

Construction of Price Indices of Research and Development Output for Ukraine: Methodological Basis

The article considers theoretical and practical aspects of estimation of real expenses for research and development, and also the procedure and peculiarities of calculation of price indices of research and development output for Ukraine. Results of the calculation are presented in the paper.


O. L. Popova

The System of Indicators of Steady Rural Development

The paper considers indicators of steady rural development, determined within the framework of the general system of monitoring in the European Union for the period of 2007-2013 and estimates possibilities of using these indicators in Ukraine, on the existing statistical base.


L. A. Veselska

Demographic Situation in Ukraine as a Factor of Effect on Social Safety

The article determines the level of influence of demographic situation on social safety. Changes of main components in demographic development were forecasted as well as possible social safety threats. The author substantiates the directions for improving mechanisms of state control of some aspects of social safety in the national security system.


M. V. Vorona

Gender Stereotypes: Essence, Functions, Consequences

The article studies gender stereotypes and their influence on the contemporary society. The author has carried out a cause-effect analysis of connection between gender stereotypes and the phenomena they generate. Using the research data she offers a number of measures for carrying out national policy regarding introduction of principles of gender parity.


V. M. Klyuzko

Public Administration Principles in Public Health Service

Analyzing and generalizing scientific sources the author presents his own definition of the concept “public administration principles in public health service” and shows its essence.


N. A. Malysh

Peculiarities of Realization of State Ecological Policy in Ukraine

The article determines main ecological threats in the contemporary world and studies the problems of public management in the ecological sphere. The author presents statistical analysis of basic indicators of environmental pollution and considers primary measures on formation of efficient strategy of state ecological policy.


N. G. Morozova

Theoretical and Methodological Basis for Studying the Problems of Employment in Public Service

The paper generalizes theoretical and methodological basis for studying the problems of employment in the Public Service System. A special attention is paid to the components of socially oriented state policy in the labor and employment sphere of the public service institution and to social problems of the labor market of state officials.