Statistics of Ukraine


2010, №4 (51)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Vaschayeva N. A. Approach to Sample Design Optimization for Reliability Growth of Data Estimation at the Regional Level.


Pugachova M. V., Nerb G. Business Surveys in Disequilibrium Models for Studying the State of Industry of Ukraine and Germany


Revenko A. P. Development of Energy Balance of Ukraine


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Belkin L. M. Normative and Statistical Approach to Substantiation of Food Expenses for Pupils of General Education Schools of Ukraine


Gerasymenko S. S., Chupryna O. A., Chupryna O. O. Ukraine in the Contemporary World: Comparative Multivariable Estimation 31

Nechytailo U. P., Kardash O. R. Problems of Adaptation of State Statistical Observation over Investment Processes to the EU Standards


Regional Statistics

Vaskiv S. F. Methodical Approaches to Statistical Estimation of Transboundary Trade in Commodities


Zvirid N. V. Quantitative Analysis Methods of the Influence of Labour Migration on the Socio-Economic Development of a Region


Kobylynska T. V. Land Resources Protection in the Zhytomyr Region: Statistical Aspect


International Projects and Experience

Zhukovych I. A., Ryzhkova Yu. О. Construction of Price Indices of Research and Development Output for Ukraine: Methodological Basis


Popova O. L. The System of Indicators of Steady Rural Development


Public Administration

Veselska L. A. Demographic Situation in Ukraine as a Factor of Effect on Social Safety 66
Vorona M. V. Gender Stereotypes: Essence, Functions, Consequences 71
Klyuzko V. M. Public Administration Principles in Public Health Service 75
Malysh N. A. Peculiarities of Realization of State Ecological Policy in Ukraine 78
Morozova N. G. Theoretical and Methodological Basis for Studying the Problems of Employment in Public Service 84

Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Olexander Hrygorovych Osaulenko is 60 89
Anatoli Varfolomiyovych Golovach is 80 91
Galytska E. V. Dmytro Petrovych Zhuravsky (the 200-th Anniversary since Birthday)


Galytska E. V. Yuli Eduardovych Yanson (the175-th Anniversary since Birthday)

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