K. O. Prokopenko

Methodological Aspects of Studying the Place of Agriculture in the National Economy Structure

The article studies some methodological approaches to determining the place and role of a certain activity in the national economy and analyses changes in the main proportions of the economy. The author shows the place of agriculture and its effect on other components of the economy, based on the system of analytic indicators formed on the “input-output” tables’ data and points out expediency of using these approaches in predictive and analytical research.


O. B. Salikhova, O. V. Krekhivsky

Advanced Industrial Technologies as an Object of Statistical Research.

Part I. Term Definition Is the First Step to Forming Statistical Tools

The article presents the authors’ interpretation of the term “advanced industrial technologies”. It also shows the necessity to form statistical instruments for studying their application and distribution at the manufacturing enterprises of Ukraine.


L. O. Iashchenko

Using the ABC- and XYZ-Analysis for Diagnostics of the Reasons Constraining Building Activity

The paper studies the possibility of using the ABC- and XYZ-analysis for diagnostics of reasons constraining building activity. The ABC- and XYZ-analysis results are united and four groups of reasons are shown depending on the negative influence on building activity.


V. K. Danylko, O. V. Lytovka

Statistical Analysis of Production Waste Use in Ukraine

The article examines current problems and tendencies relating to formation, processing and recycling of production waste. The authors pay attention to the necessity of future development and improvement of the state regulation system and the existing information base in the sphere of using toxic waste. This need is caused by Ukraine’s transition to the steady development.


O. I. Yashkina

Statistical Analysis of Scientific Potential of Ukraine

The paper studies structural and personnel changes in the scientific sector of the national economy and presents the cluster analysis of scientific organizations by industry.


N. V. Kovtun, O. M. Cheremukhina

Statistical Estimation of Supply Level and Quality of Stationary Ophthalmic Aid for the Rural Population by Regions of Ukraine

The article presents a comparative regional analysis of the supply level and quality of medical attendance for ophthalmic patients in the countryside of Ukraine at the different levels of medical service.


R. O. Kulynych

Statistical Substantiation of the Regional Development Programs

The paper considers methodological foundation for substantiation of the regional development programs based on use of the method of statistical dependencies equations.


O. A. Zorina

Problems of Interpreting Controlling

The author considers controlling as a control system of the process of realization of ultimate goal of an enterprise. The article presents various interpretations of the controlling essence existing in the economic literature. It is shown, that such ambiguity complicates development of tools and introduction of controlling at the enterprises of Ukraine.


V. I. Kolesnik

Budgetary Financing of the Process of Forming Statistical Information Basis

The article considers the current mechanism of budgetary financing of the state statistics agencies activity. It also analyses a scheme of the budgetary planning of expenditures for supporting the construction process of the information-statistical system of state administration bodies.

M. Yu. Ogay

Developing Approaches to Construction of General Indicators for Estimation of Court Activity Quality

The paper provides the citizen report cards methodology adapted to the estimation of court services quality. A special attention is paid to construction methods of the general index of public perception of court activity; examples of its statistical analysis are presented.


O. V. Honchar, O. V. Kuzmina

Normative and Legal Support of Confidentiality Assurance in the European Statistical System

The article considers basic normative documents on the confidentiality assurance in the European Statistical System both at the EU level and at the national level of member-countries, and also the standard international documents in which questions relating to confidentiality of statistical information are raised.


N. I. Ruban, T. V. Vasylkova, V. P. Pasichnyk

Acceptance and Use of Common Consolidated Tax Base in the Context of All-European Prospects

The article shows the key directions of research carried out by the World Bank experts. The research was aimed to clarify the issues of interdependence of tax and financial reporting from the position of the all-European prospects and in the context of International Financial Reporting Standards. The paper also presents recommendations and propositions for the improvement of the Tax Code of Ukraine, taking into consideration the state’s tendency to become a European Union member.


E. V. Chekotovsky, M. Yu. Potapova

Frencis Galton: Life and Contribution to the Development of Statistical Science

The article is devoted to the life and scientific activity of the outstanding English biologist and statisticianmathematician Frencis Galton. The authors give a special attention to the scientist’s works and underline their value for the development of statistical science.


G. Yu. German

Organizational Basis of Career in Public Service

The author analyses organizational basis of career in public service in Ukraine, including competitive selection, certification and annual estimation of state officials activity. The article considers the system of skills training of state officials.


Ye. O. Katykhin

Social Audit in Ukraine: Historical Tendencies, Current State, Challenges and Necessity of Development

The article analyses appearance preconditions of social audit, studies its key parameters and consequences of introduction in Ukraine. Social audit is defined as an instrument for estimating the influence of a certain subject’s activity on a society as a whole.


I. V. Matveyenko

The Level of Civil Liability in the Context of Civil Society Development: Applied-Theoretic Aspect

The article examines basic approaches to studying civil liability and proves their contents and structure. Experimental research was carried out to determine the levels of civil liability among pupils, students, teachers, pensioners, state officials of different categories and ranks.


N. V. Miokova

Cooperation of Ukraine with the International Monetary Fund: Current Situation and Development Prospects

The article considers aspects of international cooperation of Ukraine with the International Monetary Fund in conditions of the economy development.


O. I. Pavlov

Information and Analytical Activity as a Component of Public Administration Process

The paper determines the essence, structure and functional purpose of information and analytical activity, and shows its place in the public administration system as an integral component of the administrative process.


O. L. Yuditsky

Competitive Policy as a Component of State Control Mechanism in Ukraine

The article studies competitive policy as a component of mechanism of state regulation of economic competition. The author considers the essence of competitive policy and directions of the state’s actions in the sphere of economic competition assurance. The author’s definition of competitive policy of the state is formulated and instruments for its implementation in Ukraine are suggested.