Statistics of Ukraine


2011, №1 (52)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Prokopenko K. O. Methodological Aspects of Studying the Place of Agriculture in the National Economy Structure


Salikhova O. B., Krekhivsky O. V. Advanced Industrial Technologies as an Object of Statistical Research. Part I. Term Definition Is the First Step to Forming Statistical Tools


Iashchenko L. O. Using the ABC- and XYZ-Analysis for Diagnostics of the Reasons Constraining Building Activity


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Danylko V. K., Lytovka O. V. Statistical Analysis of Production Waste Use in Ukraine


Yashkina O. I. Statistical Analysis of Scientific Potential of Ukraine 22

Regional Statistics

Kovtun N. V., Cheremukhina O. M. Statistical Estimation of Supply Level and Quality of Stationary Ophthalmic Aid for the Rural Population by Regions of Ukraine


Kulynych R. O. Statistical Substantiation of the Regional Development Programs


Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Zorina O. A. Problems of Interpreting Controlling


Kolesnik V. I. Budgetary Financing of the Process of Forming Statistical Information Basis


Ogay M. Yu. Developing Approaches to Construction of General Indicators for Estimation of Court Activity Quality


International Projects and Experience

Honchar O. V., Kuzmina O. V. Normative and Legal Support of Confidentiality Assurance in the European Statistical System


Ruban N. I., Vasylkova T. V., Pasichnyk V. P. Acceptance and Use of Common Consolidated Tax Base in the Context of All-European Prospects


History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V., Potapova M. Yu. Frencis Galton: Life and Contribution to the Development of Statistical Science


Public Administration

German G. Yu. Organizational Basis of Career in Public Service 72

Katykhin Ye. O. Social Audit in Ukraine: Historical Tendencies, Current State, Challenges and Necessity of Development


Matveyenko I. V. The Level of Civil Liability in the Context of Civil Society Development: Applied-Theoretic Aspect


Miokova N. V. Cooperation of Ukraine with the International Monetary Fund: Current Situation and Development Prospects

Pavlov O. I. Information and Analytical Activity as a Component of Public Administration Process 92
Yuditsky O. L. Competitive Policy as a Component of State Control Mechanism in Ukraine 96

New Editions, Reviews

Shevchuk V. O. A Review on V. V. Popova’s Monograph “Statistical Identification of the Economic Development Theories: Methodology and Practice of Measurement”

Chronicle 101
Abstracts 106