A. O. Gutorov

Lorenz Diagram Application for Measuring the Concentration of Farming Industry

Using the Lorenz Diagram the author analyses the existing methodical approaches to the determination of generalized concentration level of farming industry. The calculation algorithm for this indicator is suggested with the requirements for accuracy and statistical significance of the results taken into account. Approbation of the methods was carried out.


M. V. Lesnikova

Forming the Target Price Index of Export and Import in Foreign Trade in Commodities: Economic and

Statistical Approaches

The paper analyses economic and statistical approaches to formation of the target price index of export and import in foreign trade in commodities. It is shown that the relevant and reliable information characterizes economic relations with other countries and allows designing mathematical models for forecasting short-term price inflation for different types of articles of consumption.


O. B. Salikhova, O. V. Krekhivsky

Advanced Industrial Technologies as an Object of Statistical Research.

Part II. World Experience. Recommendation as to Selective Approach to Its Use in Ukraine.

The authors study the world experience as to statistical surveys of advanced technologies in industry. Expediency of developing a multiaspect form of statistical survey of advanced technologies in Ukraine is proved. The article also presents recommendations on the survey program content.


A. V. Bodiuk, M. M. Pyskun, N. V. Hotsianivska

Fiscal and Statistical Aspects of Innovation Activity

The article considers the essence of concept «resources». Resources are divided into categories by definite criteria. The authors analyze the current state of statistical accounting of the innovation and technical activity data; they substantiate the system of indicators for statistical accounting of data on using innovation resources and present the technique for calculation of seasonal fluctuations of their production and consumption.


O. V. Kustovska, R. V. Tsishchyk

Statistical Analysis of Branch Differentiation of Payment for Work in Ukraine

The paper covers methodological and methodical issues of statistical estimation and analysis of the level of payment for work in Ukraine by economic activity and presents statistical estimations characterizing branch differentiation of monthly average wages of permanent employees in dynamics. Interregional comparison of wages is made by elimination of the stuff structure influence.


D. V. Mukha

Estimating Income from Attracted Foreign Direct Investment

The article provides a comparable estimation of income from the attracted foreign direct investment in the world economy and the economy of Bilorus. The estimation is also given to the potential volume of income from attracted foreign direct investment in the medium-term outlook. The author suggests priority directions and recommendations as to attracting foreign direct investments.


A. V. Rotar

Estimating the Innovation Processes Influence on the Efficiency of Enterprises Activity

Based on statistical data the article focuses on the estimation of effectiveness of enterprises active in innovations. The author has studied how the innovation activity influences the main economic indicators of activity of enterprises. Some quantitative assessment criteria are suggested for improving the system of productivity estimation in the innovation sphere.


I. M. Prokopchuk

The System of Indicators for Statistical Study of Enterprises Activity

The system of statistical indicators which characterize activity of enterprises is under consideration. The author analyses the structure of the system of indicators of enterprise statistics with the international recommendations taken into account and shows principal ways for its improvement.

M. V. Pugachova

Activity of Small Enterprises in Industry of Ukraine: Unexpected Conclusions

The paper presents the results of statistical monitoring of activity of small enterprises of an industry for the last ten years based on the information of business tendency surveys. The conclusions can be classified as slightly paradoxical, since they not entirely coincide with standard estimations of the role of small enterprises in the national economy development.


N. V. Khromiak, V. M. Chubai

Formation, Analysis and Internal Control of Statistical Reporting of Industrial Enterprises

The paper considers peculiarities of preparation of statistical report at the industrial enterprises and its presentation at statistical agencies. The authors show the principal directions for the analysis of statistical reporting indicators and present the procedure of carrying out internal control in the process of forming its indicators.


D. V. Yashchuk, O. I. Cherniak, V. O. Monakov

Developing Classification Models of Ukrainian Enterprises by Bankruptcy Probability with the Use of Discriminant Analysis and the Decision Trees Method

The authors have selected financial indicators, which precisely and completely describe key aspects of financial condition of the Ukrainian enterprises and can indicate the signs of financial crisis. With the help of claster analysis the industrial enterprises are grouped by the financial crisis scale. By using the methods of multifactor discriminant analysis and decision trees the complex of economic and mathematical models is developed, that makes it possible to classify the Ukrainian industrial enterprises by probability of their bankruptcy.


S. F. Vaskiv

Improving Information Support for the Analysis of Transboundary Cooperation of Ukraine and Poland

The paper shows problems and determines the key directions for the improvement of information support of the analysis of transboundary cooperation of Ukraine and Poland. The ways for solving the problems are considered with the European experience taken into account.


V. I. Kolesnik., Yu. A. Muzychenko

International Cooperation in Statistics (on the Materials of 42nd Session of the UN Statistical Commission)

The topic of the article is the improvement of some aspects relating to activity of the national statistical system according to international requirements and standards discussed at the 42nd session of the UN Statistical Commission.


O. M. Vasylenko

Stepan Stepanovych Zhylkin: Devotion to the Society and Statistics

The author describes life and scientific activity of the outstanding scientist, the well-known expert in the field of social and economic statistics Stepan Stepanovich Zhilkin. She presents his numerous publications on the results of scientific statistical research.


E. V. Galytska, O. K. Primerova

Life and Scientific Heritage of I. V. Vernadsky (190th Anniversary since Birthday)

The article is devoted to the 190th anniversary since birthday of the famous economist and statistician I. V. Vernadsky. The authors consider his life and contribution to the development of theoretical and methodological basis of statistics.


S. G. Bublyk

Improving the State System of Statistical Observation over the Development of Research Potential in Ukraine

The author proves the necessity to improve the system of state statistical observation over the research potential in Ukraine. Modernization of the domestic registers of researchers should be based on the Eurostat international statistical standards.


M. P. Voronov, I. V. Dykhnych

State Regulation of Development and Support of Small and Middle Business: Experience of Ukraine and the EU

The paper aims to study key problems of the development and regulation of small and middle business in Ukraine. By analyzing the EU countries’ experience the authors show the priorities and propose the ways of improving state regulation policy in business.


V. A. Yatsuk

Improving Legal Control of Responsibility of Local Authorities in Ukraine

The article focuses on the problems and offers the ways for improving legal control of responsibility of local authorities.