S. S. Gerasymenko, O. А. Chupryna, O. O. Chupryna

Forming Criteria Set for Comparative Estimation of the Socio-Economic Development

The aim of the article is to examine a question of forming an optimal set of indicators for comparative estimation of the socio-economic development and living standards for regions. It is offered to estimate connections between indicators by cluster analysis and to reserve one indicator of the group of those closely associated with each other. The authors prove it enhance quality of comparative assessment.


O. K. Yeliseyeva, K. O. Lapteva

Statistical Modelling of Wholesale Trade in Ukraine

The paper considers the nature of wholesale trade and studies its development in 2009. The article also analyses the influence of general economic indicators on the wholesale trade development in Ukraine.


I. G. Naumov, P. O. Ivashchenko, G. I. Naumova

Estimating Balance Level of the System of Performance Indicators of an Enterprise

This article provides an approach to the quality estimation of balance level of the system of performance indicators of an enterprise. The authors deduced the law of distribution of probability of balance, unbalance and imbalance.


I. I. Pylypenko, N. O. Parfentseva, V. V. Popova

Complex Statistical Estimation of Efficiency of Foreign Economic Activity

The authors determine the basis of complex statistical estimation of efficiency of foreign economic activity and formulate the tasks for its realization. The system of statistical indicators is formed and the algorithm for modeling the proper economic policy is designed. The article presents the methods for estimating efficiency of foreign economic activity based on indicators of the labor and capital inputs.


Yu. I. Prylypko, I. O. Bulkin, S. V. Kozak

Experience in Sample Survey of Using Fuel-Energy Materials: Methodical Aspects

The article covers the issue of organization of sample survey of enterprises – fuel consumers at the regional level. A special attention is paid to the algorithm of sample population design taking into account type specificity of fuel consumption by enterprises of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.


V. G. Sarioglo

Methodological Approaches to Determining Boundary Volumes of Population Aggregates for the Calculation of Demographic Indicators

The article demonstrates possibility of using estimation variability of indicators for the determination of boundary volumes of observation units’ aggregates, which make it possible to estimate these indicators with the established reliability level. Efficiency of the suggested approaches is confirmed, and examples of calculating the volumes of aggregates for some demographic indicators are presented.


A. P. Bobiak

Forming Information System of Economic Analysis of Own Capital

The aim of the paper is to consider the basis of information analysis system of own capital of an enterprise. The author determines main financial indicators used for enterprise management.


O. A. Honcharuk

Estimating Structural Changes of Economic Complex in the Context of Supporting Social Orientation of Economy

The article focuses on the restructuring results of the state economic complex over the period of 1990–2009 in the context of economic potential for assurance of the socially oriented development. Destructions in the economy as a result of practical realization of industrial policy are revealed and mechanism of their elimination is offered.


R. O. Kulynych

Comparative Estimation of Results of the Socio-Economic Development of Ukraine and the Other CIS Countries

The article presents the methods for determining the comprehensive estimation of results of the socioeconomic development of the state based on the complex statistical coefficient method. The Ukraine’s position among the CIS countries is determined and the new estimation aspects are outlined.


L. M. Belkin

Statistics of Cost of Food for Pupils of General Education Schools at the Expense of Budgetary Funds and the Problem of Fixing Boundary Markups

Based on materials of accessible sources the article analyses and generalizes statistics of cost of food for pupils of general education schools at the expense of budgetary funds. It is shown that lack of unified state policy in this question results in an unequal level of providing pupils with food. The author criticizes an attempt to limit prices by fixing boundary trading extra charges for this production in some regions.


O. A. Zorina

Organization of Tactical and Strategic Analysis Adjusted for Unification of Accounting

The paper considers the tasks and functions of organization of tactical and strategic analysis in conditions of application of accounting on the “plan-fact” system.


O. I. Kolodiazhna, A. M. Nagorna

Occupational Morbidity: Economic and Statistical Aspect

Information and methodological foundations of statistical analysis of occupational morbidity are under consideration. The authors estimate the level of occupational pathology in Ukraine and determine its reasons and consequences.


O. M. Shubaly

Methodical and Applied Basis of Integral Estimation of Forest Exploitation Complexity

The paper presents the methods of comparative integral estimation of the use of forest resources by regular users on the basis of criteria aggregate and the system of indicators. Practical results of their application are shown on the example of forestry enterprises of the Volyn region.


M. V. Shchuryk

Reprivatization and Deprivatization of Land Resources as Strategic Directions of Land Management

The paper analyses the state of organization of land use and landownership in agrarian sector of the Carpathian macroregion. Main reasons of destructive functioning of lands are revealed. The author criticizes the measures relating to denationalization, sharing and privatization of agricultural lands. He suggests to redistribute the AIC lands and to form a new fund of landowners and agrarian land users.


O. V. Honchar, O. V. Kuzmina

International Experience of Safe Access to Microdata and Their Use in Official Statistics: Ethical, Legal and Organizational Aspects

The article considers the problems of safe access to microdata in official statistics as well as normative documents adopted at the international and European levels that regulate safe access to microdata and their use. The authors present the analysis of international experience in accessing.


E. V. Chekotovsky, M. Yu. Potapova

George Udny Yule: Life and Contribution to the Development of Statistical Science

The article is devoted to George Udny Yule, the famous English scientist – statistician and mathematician. The authors show significance of his works for the development of statistical science.


Ye. O. Katykhin

Corporate Social Responsibility of Business and Its Main Principles

The author analyses the concept of “corporate social responsibility of business” and suggests his own definition. He also considers the main principles of corporate social responsibility of business and shows advantages of the companies carrying out the proper policy.