Statistics of Ukraine


2011, №3 (54)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Gerasymenko S. S., Chupryna O. А., Chupryna O. O. Forming Criteria Set for Comparative Estimation of the Socio-Economic Development


Yeliseyeva O. K., Lapteva K. O. Statistical Modelling of Wholesale Trade in Ukraine


Naumov I. G., Ivashchenko P. O., Naumova G. I. Estimating Balance Level of the System of Performance Indicators of an Enterprise


Pylypenko I. I., Parfentseva N. O., Popova V. V. Complex Statistical Estimation of Efficiency of Foreign Economic Activity


Prylypko Yu. I., Bulkin I. O., Kozak S. V. Experience in Sample Survey of Using Fuel-Energy Materials: Methodical Aspects


Sarioglo V. G. Methodological Approaches to Determining Boundary Volumes of Population Aggregates for the Calculation of Demographic Indicators


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Bobiak A. P. Forming Information System of Economic Analysis of Own Capital


Honcharuk O. A. Estimating Structural Changes of Economic Complex in the Context of Supporting Social Orientation of Economy


Kulynych R. O. Comparative Estimation of Results of the Socio-Economic Development of Ukraine and the Other CIS countries


Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Belkin L. M. Statistics of Cost of Food for Pupils of General Education Schools at the Expense of Budgetary Funds and the Problem of Fixing Boundary Markups


Zorina O. A. Organization of Tactical and Strategic Analysis Adjusted for Unification of Accounting


Kolodiazhna O. I., Nagorna A. M. Occupational Morbidity: Economic and Statistical Aspect


Shubaly O. M. Methodical and Applied Basis of Integral Estimation of Forest Exploitation Complexity


Shchuryk M. V. Reprivatization and Deprivatization of Land Resources as Strategic Directions of Land Management


International Projects and Experience

Honchar O. V., Kuzmina O. V. International Experience of Safe Access to Microdata and Their Use in Official Statistics: Ethical, Legal and Organizational Aspects


History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V., Potapova M. Yu. George Udny Yule: Life and Contribution to the Development of Statistical Science


Public Administration

Katykhin Ye. O. Corporate Social Responsibility of Business and Its Main Principles

Chronicle 87
Abstracts 89