O. V. Honchar

Problems of Quality Assurance of Statistical Information Received from Administrative Sources

In this article the author considers the definition and kinds of administrative data, their advantages and shortcomings, principles of using them for statistical purposes and transformation procedures. A high emphasis is placed on approaches to the quality evaluation of administrative data taking into consideration the current principles of its assurance.


I. V. Kalachova

Statistics of the Information Economy: Conceptual and Methodological Measuring Scheme

Conceptual-methodological approaches to measuring the information society indicators are under consideration. Using  the results of some state statistical observations, the author analyses the list of key ICT indicators structured by 5 blocks.


M. V. Lesnikova, K. O. Ponomarenko, A. V. Savchenko

Methodological Approaches to Statistical Estimation of Cost of Financial Services in Foreign Economic Activity

The article deals with the issues of statistical accounting of export and import of financial services in Ukraine, in particular the determination of the value of services and the data formation sources. The authors carried out calculations of volume of the provided services of financial intermediation, analyzed methodological recommendations of the Manuals on Statistics of International Trade in Services and the Balance of Payment on statistical accounting of financial services, and also suggested the ways of their implementation in state statistical observations.


O. B. Salikhova

Sector Categorization by the Technology Capacity Level: from Meso- to Microlevel.

Part I. Microlevel Quality – an Efficiency Measure of the National Research and Innovation Policy

The paper provides a critical analysis of the OECD and Eurostat sector approach to the determination of technological level. The author proves irrationality of duplicating the approach for the effectiveness diagnostics of the national research and innovation policy. A resource-resulting methodological approach is suggested to estimate overall quality of economic entities.


L. O. Yashchenko

The Calculation Procedure of Production Volume in Construction

The article describes the calculation procedure of quarterly volumes for construction. Calculation of the preliminary quarterly volumes, adjusted with the annual ones, is given as an example. The author demonstrates efficiency of the suggested method.


N. V. Kovtun, A. I. Ignatiuk

Potential Estimation and Development Modeling of the Ukraine’s Economy by Activity.

Part I. Multivariable Estimation of the Ukraine’s Economy by Activity

Based on a multivariable average the integrated rating of economic activities was created and their potential and the development level were estimated. The authors determine current trends and outline the directions of the Ukraine’s economic development by economic activity.


V. Yu. Popov

Studying the Labor Market in Ukraine in 1990–2009

The Ukrainian labor market is considered as one of the GDP formation sources. Peculiarities of statistical survey are analyzed in the context of transitive changes in the economy. The labor market components are shown in a theoretical model of the unemployment rate dependence on the quantity of labor force and employees. The author presents the research methods and corresponding calculations.


V. S. Myzgina

Normative and Legal Support for Carrying out Structural Business Surveys

The author examines the basic normative and legal documents relating to structural business surveys in the European statistical system and in Ukraine.


G. I. Tereshchenko

Estimating the Calibration Results of Statistical Weights for Business Survey on Labor Statistics

The paper analyses results of the calibration procedure use for supporting coordination of estimations of main indicators in business survey on labor statistics issues for the regional level and for the level of local administrations. It is shown that correction of statistical weights allows coordinating estimates of indicators but may result in worsening of quality of the system of weights that will cause reliability degradation of estimations. The conclusion is made that there is a need of close control of calibration results.


K. V. Zakhozhay

Factor Analysis Methods of Deficiency Coefficient Dynamics of the State Budget of Ukraine

The existing system of statistical indicators of the state budget of Ukraine is developed by introducing a deficiency coefficient which extends the notion of budgetary processes and helps to solve the problem of successive improvement of the budgeting process. The author determines the information sources and components of the system and also presents formulas for estimating the influence of changes in the income and expenses on the state budget deficit.


Ya. V. Kolesnik

Statistical Analysis of Capital Adequacy of the Other Deposit Corporations Sector

The article considers main approaches to statistical analysis of capital adequacy in the other deposit corporations sector. The author proves the need of deep study of formation and distribution peculiarities of capital multiplier, which determine effectiveness of the capitalization processes.


L. Ye. Momotiuk

Main Trends in Standardization of the Ukraine’s State Budget Statistics

The article analyzes the Budget Classification, operating in Ukraine. The author determines the basic problems as to the assurance of public finance statistics conformity with the international requirements and offers the ways of its improvement for harmonization with the IMF standards.


I. R. Motoryna

Profitableness and Risk of the Investment and Pension Funds: Comparative Analysis

The article focuses on the methodological approaches to the analysis of profitableness and risk of the investment and pension funds. Using the data of the KINTO company, the author analyses profitableness and structure of the investment fund Synergia-3 and of the pension fund Social Standard.


O. I. Shcherbyna

Historical Preconditions of the Establishment of International Financial Organizations and Stages of Their Cooperation with Ukraine

The article considers historical preconditions of the establishment and activity of such international financial organizations, as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Monetary Fund. The author examines their development and the influence expansion at the world arena and also describes stages of forming relationship with Ukraine.


I. A. Zhukovych, Yu. O. Ryzhkova

The Innovation Union Scoreboard – a Basic Instrument for the European Community Innovation Policy Implementation

The paper considers the changes in methodology that occurred in the process of forming the updated system of indicators for the Innovation Union Scoreboard as well as the causes that led to the need for such changes.


S. G. Bublyk

Priorities of State Scientific and Technological Policy of Ukraine in the Context of Forming an Information Society

It is proved, that the choice of priorities is the final stage of the mechanism of forming the state scientific and technological policy. The author determines the hierarchy of state priorities in the context of a knowledge society by the results of strategic planning and forecasting of scientific and technological development of the country.


M. V. Yaroshuk

Problems of Evaluating Performance of the Local State Administrations

The paper studies the problems relating to the introduction of the method for evaluating performance of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol municipal administrations. Recommendations are suggested for further improvement of normative and legal estimation control of the mentioned results