Statistics of Ukraine


2012, №1 (56)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Honchar O. V. Estimating Data Accuracy of Statistical Observation: Methodological Aspects


Makarova O. V., Gladun O. M. Regional Index of Human Development: Causes and Directions of Improving the Calculation Procedure


Salikhova O. B. Sector Categorization by the Technology Capacity Level: from Meso- to Microlevel.

Part 2. Conceptual Problems of Measurement and Evaluation of High Technology Industries and the Ways to Solve Them


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Beztelesna L. I., Yurchyk G. M. Macroeconomic Operation Principles of the National Labor Market


Kovtun N. V., Ignatiuk A. I. Potential Estimation and Development Modelling of the Ukraine’s Economy by Activity.
Part 2. Modelling of the National Economy Development at Present Stage Based on Positioning of Economic Activities

Shubala I. V. Analysis of Macroeconomic Factors of Effective Employment of the Population 35

Regional Statistics

Tyshchenko O. P. Demographic and Migratory Factors of Forming the Disproportions in the Regional Development of the National Economy


Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Yeliseyeva O. K., Bondar V. D. Rating Estimation of Activity of Commercial Banks of Ukraine: Methodological Aspects


Parkhomenko V. M. Internal Control of Product Quality and Quality Costs


Tkachenko L. H. Informational Capability of the State Register of Compulsory State Social Insurance


Khotetovska O. B. Reliability and Efficiency of Commercial Banks: Problems of Rating


International Projects and Experience

Zhukovych I. A. Using Benchmarking in Innovation Policy: Experience of European Countries


History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V. Absolute Statistical Indicators: Historical and Theoretical Aspects.
Part 1. Origin of the Theory of Absolute Statistical Indicators


Public Administration

Katykhin Ye. O. Corporate Social Responsibility and Practices in Some of Its Directions 79

Snisarenko S. G. Peculiarities of Perception of European Management Concepts in the Real Domestic Conditions



Pylypenko I. I. The National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Auditing is 25

Chronicle 95
Abstracts 101