Statistics of Ukraine


2012, №2 (57)

In the Issue:


Address of Chairman of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine Osaulenko O. H. in Connection with the IAOS 2012 Conference “Getting Our Messages Across”


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Vasechko O. O., Motuzka O. M. Efficiency Estimation of International Technical Assistance


Kalachova I. V. Satellite Accounts in the SNA 2008: Recommended Methodological Basis and the Experience of Ukraine


Lesnikova M. V. Methodological Approaches to the Improvement of Statistical Accounting of Foreign Trade in Services


Pugachova M. V. High Statistical Technologies: Ukrainian Experience of Using Business Tendency Surveys


Yashchenko L. O. Methodological Aspects of Government Finance Statistics


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Hnatyk Ya. B., Masliy V. V. Institutionalization of International Financial Markets: Basic Tendencies


Honchar O. V., Kuzmina O. V. Statistical Information Quality: Effect on the Relationship of Producers and Users of Official Statistics

Kitura A. Ya. Operation Analysis of the Kyoto Protocol Market Mechanisms 53

Demographic and Social Statistics

Gerasymenko S. S., Chupryna O. A., Chupryna O. O. Multivariate Comparative Analysis in Poverty Measurement


Ryngach N. O. Demographic Modernization in Ukraine: Transformation of Mortality Conditions


Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Gerasymenko O. V. Investment Factor of Effect on the Balance of Financial System at the Regional Level


Zakhozhay K. V. Statistical Forecasting of the General Fund of Expenses on Health Protection of the State Budget of Ukraine for 2014


Matkovsky S. O., Grynkevych O. S. Statistical Training of Specialists at the Higher School: Urgent Questions of Efficiency and Development


History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V. Absolute Statistical Indicators: Historical and Theoretical Aspects.

Part 2. Development of Theory of Absolute Statistical Indicators

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Abstracts 96