D. V. Bilyk

Peculiarities and Current State of Institutional Sector of Financial Corporations of Ukraine According to the SNA

Financial corporations in Ukraine are studied with the use of methodological foundations of the international standard of national accounting.


O. V. Honchar, O. V. Kuzmina

Surveys of Satisfaction of Statistical Information Users: Approaches to Organization and Carrying Out

The paper studies approaches to organization, performance and the analysis of survey data on satisfaction of statistical information users. It also considers normative support and experience of carrying out such surveys in Eurostat and national statistical institutions in order to adapt the best experience for Ukraine.


M. V. Lesnikova

Statistical Approaches to the Calculation of Price Indices of Export (Import) of Services

The paper provides statistical approaches to the calculation of price indices of export (import) of services. The author shows the importance of using the index method in the analysis of foreign trade operations with services, outlines the data formation sources and the main stages of calculation of price indices of export (import) of services. Experimental calculations were carried out for price indices of export of services, included in the category “Other business services” of the balance of payments.


V. S. Mykhailov, Yu. I. Prylypko, K. I. Shepel

Seasonal Fluctuations and Calendar Effects: Some Problems of Theory and Practice of Statistical Estimation

The article is devoted to the analysis methods of seasonal fluctuations in foreign and Ukrainian statistics. Using statistical data the authors estimate seasonal fluctuations of retail turnover in Ukraine.


Ya. B. Hnatyk, V. V. Masliy

State-Owned Trans-National Companies as Participants of International Investment Activity

The paper focuses on some aspects of activity of state-owned trans-national companies as entities of international investment activity. The authors analyze their distribution by country of capital origin and by kind of investment projects. They also determine the role of these companies in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.


O. A. Dudka

International and National Standards of Statistical Observation of Services in Foreign Economic Activity

The article examines the basic principles of international standards in foreign trade of services. It shows the problem of lack of the unified accounting methodology in this sphere, which causes discrepancy in the data, calculated by different offices. The author outlines the directions of improvement of statistics of foreign trade in services in Ukraine.


I. V. Yerina

International Trade in Services: Development Tendencies and the Ukrainian Market Structure

The article covers current processes in the world services market. It analyzes tendencies, geographic and specific structures of the Ukrainian services market and estimates the balance of some of its segments.


S. V. Ohreba

Statistical Study of the Shadow Economy: World Experience

As well as presenting international experience in quantitative measurement of volumes of the shadow economy, this article reveals the main development tendencies of the process of improvement of statistical methodology in different countries of the world.


K. V. Zakhozhay

Theoretical Aspects of Studying Deficit of the State Budget of Ukraine

Considering the concept budget deficit, the author studies the causes of its emergence, examines the consequences, structure and interrelations with income and expenditures. He focuses attention on the necessity of in-depth analysis of state budget deficiency for revealing its tendencies in dynamics.


Ya. V. Kolesnik

Forming the Rating System for Banks Capital Adequacy Estimation

The article describes the main approaches to formation of the rating system for banks capital adequacy estimation and suggests the methods and ways of its improvement. An algorithm is determined for capital formation and development in domestic banking sector during the period of significant economic shocks and volatility of financial markets.


V. G. Sarioglo, M. Yu. Ogay, O. Yu. Korchmit

Estimation of Ukrainian Households Solvency in Conditions of Changes in Tariffs for Public Services

Using microdata of state sample survey of the households living conditions, the authors estimate households’ ability to pay for public services. The article presents the forecasting quantitative estimates of potential and actual participants of the program of housing grants in different scenarios of tariff changes. It also shows the results of statistical modeling.


I. P. Skliaruk

Activity of Enterprises of the Brewing Industry of Ukraine: Statistical Analysis

Using statistical data, the author reveals peculiarities of the beer market in Ukraine, outlines problems of the brewing industry development and offers the ways of their solution.


O. I. Churkina, I. V. Samchynska

Methodological Foundations of Financial Mechanisms for Stimulating Energy Saving in the Budgetary Sphere

The paper covers the problems of energy resources reduction in the world and a constant rise in their prices. It grounds the significance of energy-saving measures for Ukraine. Using the results of analysis of current energy state of the country, the authors suggest financial mechanisms of stimulation of energy saving in the budgetary sphere.


L. O. Yashchenko

International Ratings of Debt Stability of Countries

The article considers rating of countries debt stability at the international level. It also shows the perspectives for reduction of Ukraine’s debt dependence and for efficient use of credits.


O. H. Osaulenko, T. V. Kondratyuk

Introduction of Comprehensive Statistical Monitoring as a Direction of Improvement of Information Support for Government Regulation in the Sphere of Family Relations.

The article considers the directions of improvement of the system of statistical support of the sphere of family relations. Using the analysis results the authors prove the necessity of introducing comprehensive statistical monitoring of this sphere in order to obtain information which can be used for the effectiveness increase of the corresponding programs.


V. V. Petrushevska

The Place of Financial Policy Components in the System of Regulatory Measures of State Influence on the Economy

The author considers evolution of theories of state economy regulation, reveals the essence of the category financial policy, and shows its place in the system of actions of state influence on economic processes.


S. V. Tsyts

General Theoretic Analysis of Coordination Function of Local Public Administrations

The article studies coordination as a local executive authorities’ function. It also analyzes the concepts determining the content of coordination function, characterizes coordination indicators, outlines the main problems under consideration and shows the ways to solve them.