Statistics of Ukraine


2012, №4 (59)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Bilyk D. V. Peculiarities and Current State of Institutional Sector of Financial Corporations of Ukraine According to the SNA


Honchar O. V., Kuzmina O. V. Surveys of Satisfaction of Statistical Information Users: Approaches to Organization and Carrying Out


Lesnikova M. V. Statistical Approaches to the Calculation of Price Indices of Export (Import) of Services


Mykhailov V. S., Prylypko Yu. I., Shepel K. I. Seasonal Fluctuations and Calendar Effects: Some Problems of Theory and Practice of Statistical Estimation


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Hnatyk Ya. B., Masliy V. V. State-Owned Trans-National Companies as Participants of International Investment Activity


Dudka O. A. International and National Standards of Statistical Observation of Services in Foreign Economic Activity


Yerina I. V. International Trade in Services: Development Tendencies and the Ukrainian Market Structure


Ohreba S. V. Statistical Study of the Shadow Economy: World Experience


Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Zakhozhay K. V. Theoretical Aspects of Studying Deficit of the State Budget of Ukraine


Kolesnik Ya. V. Forming the Rating System for Banks Capital Adequacy Estimation


Sarioglo V. G., Ogay M. Yu., Korchmit O. Yu. Estimation of Ukrainian Households Solvency in Conditions of Changes in Tariffs for Public Services


Skliaruk I. P. Activity of Enterprises of the Brewing Industry of Ukraine: Statistical Analysis


Churkina O. I., Samchynska I. V. Methodological Foundations of Financial Mechanisms for Stimulating Energy Saving in the Budgetary Sphere

Yashchenko L. O. International Ratings of Debt Stability of Countries 81

Public Administration

Osaulenko O. H., Kondratyuk T. V. Introduction of Comprehensive Statistical Monitoring as a Direction of Improvement of Information Support for Government Regulation in the Sphere of Family Relations


Petrushevska V. V. The Place of Financial Policy Components in the System of Regulatory Measures of State Influence on the Economy

Tsyts S. V. General Theoretic Analysis of Coordination Function of Local Public Administrations 99

New Editions, Reviews

Pugachova M. V. Review on the Monograph of O. B. Salikhova “High-Technology Industries: from Estimation Methodology to the Raising in Ukraine”


Rozputenko I. V. Review on the Monograph of I. O. Dehtiariova “Competitiveness of a Region: Strategic Priorities and Mechanisms of Public Management”

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Abstracts 110
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