Statistics of Ukraine



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2013, №4 (63)

Issued since July 1998


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Belov V. T. A New Kind of Integral Statistical Index and Its Calculation Methods

Mykhailov V. S., Prylypko Yu . І. Methodological Issues of Sample Survey of Retail Enterprises

Pugachova М. V. Forward Looking Indicators in the Special Data Dissemination Standard: Global Experiences and Ukrainian Vision

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Mykhailov V. S., Khanin O. G. Approaches to Statistical Modeling of Ukrainian Labor Market: the Segment of Young Professionals and Specialistsl

Schuryk М. V. Protection and Rehabilitation of Regenerative Properties of Land Resources: Regional, Economic and Statistical Dimension

Current Problems of International Statistics

Motoryn R. M. Significant Events of the Year in International Statistics

History of Statistics

Chekotovsky Ye. V. Relative Statistical Indexes: History and Theory.

Part II. Relative Statistical Indexes: Evolution of Concepts, Formats, Principles for Construction and Use.

Public Administration

Vorona М. І. Legal and Institutional System for Public Administration of Foreign Students’ Education in Ukraine

Shatylo О. А. Historical Genesis of the Category “National Interest”

Jubilees, Memorial Dates

Primyerova O. K. Life Path, Scientific and Practical Work of M.H. Bunge (in Memory of the 190th Anniversary since the Birth)

Alphabet Index of the Authors of Articles Published in the Journal “Statistics of Ukraine” in 2013