Statistics of Ukraine



Science and Information



2014, №2 (65)

Issued since July, 1998



In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Оstapchuk О. Е., Lumpova Т. I. Approaches to Systematization of Statistical Indicators

Ryazantseva V. V. Valuation of Bank Capital: Theory and Practice. Part I. Hang-the-Expense and Comparative Approaches

Yaschenko L. О. Forecasting of the Public Debt by Incomes and Expenditure of the State Budget of Ukraine

Public Administration

Kazyuk  Ya. M. Issues of Fiscal Decentralization of Local Budgets System Management

Titarenko H. B.  Problem of Measuring Technology Transfer in Building up the National Innovation System in Ukraine

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Коrinko М. D., Pabat V. V. Responsibility Sharing in Business Management

Kuksa A. V. Regulatory Framework for Statistical Evaluation of Public Finances Worldwide

Prylypko Yu. I. Measurement of the Shadow Economy by Departmental Methods

Social Statistics

Zharska І. А.,  Netkova V. М. Existing Performance and Tendencies in the Development of Education Services in Ukraine: Statistical Estimates

Каrpov V. I., Parfentseva N. O., Karchev Ya. Ya., Holubova H. V. All-Ukrainian Students Contest on the Discipline “Statistics”: Statistical Aspect

Statistics in Market Economy

Lyesnikova М. V. Statistical Classifications in Foreign Trade in Services: Review and Applications

Моtuzka О. М. Constructing the System of Statistical Indicators on International Technical Assistance

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Zhukovich I. A. Smart-city as a New Object of Statistical Studies: Some Conceptual Aspects

Коbylynska Т. М. Statistics of Gross Agricultural Output: Methodological Aspects

Sarychev V. I. Performance and Prospects of Global and National Tourist Sector in the Human Development Context

History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V. Tabular Procedure: Theory and History. Part I. Sources and Initiation of Tabular Procedure