Statistics of Ukraine



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2014, №3 (66)

Issued since July, 1998



In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Nikitina I. M., Moskvin O. O. Introducing New International Standards on National Accounts in Ukrainian Statistics

Ryazantseva V. V.,  Podhayska N. S. Valuation of Bank Capital: Theory and Practice. Part 2. Income Approach

Yaschenko L. О., Motuzka О. М. Seasonal Adjustment: A Main Phase in Computing Business Confidence Indicator for Industry

Social Statistics

Herasymenko S. S., Herasymenko V. S. Statistics of Higher Education Quality in Ukraine: Introduction to the Problem

Каneva Т. V., Каrtashova S. S. Measuring the Value Average Statistical Life in Ukraine: Methodology and Recommendations

Tereschenko H. I. Review and Selected Results of the Sample Salary Survey in Ukraine

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Arlachov D. V., Maretsky R. А., Korshynsky I. Ya., Buchyk V. S. Accession Contract: An Instrument for Stable Relations between Consumers and Suppliers of Utility Services

Zhukovich I. A., Prylypko Yu. I. Experimental Computation of the Summary Index on Innovation in Services for Ukraine

Public Administration

Vyshnevska О. А. Improvements in Regulatory Support for Youth Policy in Ukraine

Scherbyna S. V. Analysis of Food Safety Indicators in Ukraine: Methodological Aspects

History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V. Tabular Procedure: Theory and History. Part II. Initialization and Formation of Theoretical Basis for Tabular Procedure