Statistics of Ukraine



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2014, №4 (67)

Issued since July 1998


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Vasyechko O. O. Modern Challenges of Statistical Higher Education and Science
Kulynych R. O. Statistical Forecasting of Use of Energy Resources
Yaschenko L. О., Motuzka О. М., Methodological Framework for Computation of Business Expectations Indicators

Statistics, Economy and Analysis

Zadorozhna R. P. Conceptualization of the Connection Between Financial Market, Market of Financial Services and Financial Sector

Kyselyov К. Yu. Statistical Analysis of Consumption of Goods and Services by the Ukrainian Population in 2013
Matkovsky S. O., Hrynkevych О. S.  The System of Indicators for Statistical Study of Entrepreneurship

Public Administration

Avksientiev M. Yu. Theoretical and Methodological Analysis of Approaches to Development of Higher Education in the Economic Regulation System
Cherusheva G. B. The Role of Economic Psychology in Professional Training of Economists
Alphabet Index of the Authors of Articles Published in the Journal “Statistics of Ukraine” in 2014