Statistics of Ukraine



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2015, №3 (70)

Issued since July, 1998



In the Issue:


Theory and Practice of Statistics

Osaulenko О. H., Herasymenko S. S. Statistical Estimates of Social Inequality and Poverty in Ukraine

Baranyk Z. P., Kovalevskyi Yu. A. Statistical Evaluation of Correlation between Labor Supply and Demand: Methodology and Practice

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Vinnytska О. А. Economic and Statistical Analysis of Local Budgets Revenues

Yelisieieva О. К., Plekhanova I. О. Statistical Analysis of the External Debt of Ukraine by Constructing a Cognitive Chart

Momotyuk L. Ye. Predicting Financial Instability in Ukraine by Use of Warning Signal Indicators
Orlova K. Ye. The System for Support of Organization and Economic Mechanism for Adaptation of Extracting Enterprises to External Environment Conditions
Poltavets L. L. Use of Methods of Multidimensional Grouping for Statistical Analysis of Energy Consumption at Regional Level

Demographic and Social Statistics

Brown James J. Future Models for Population Census: Can We Have an Administrative Based Census without a Population Register?

Kutova N. G. Methodological Approaches to Classifying Factors Influencing Labor Stimulation Procedures

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Bondar V. P. Internal Control over the Quality of Audit

Kozlov V. V., Тоmashevska Т. V., Pashkovska А. Yu. "Social Informatics" within the System of Economic Education

Schuryk M. V. Optimization of Landowning and Land Use: Contradictions and Solutions

Statistics in Foreign Countries

Vasyechko О. O. The Experience of the French National Statistical System

History of Statistics

Chekotovsky E. V., Potapova M. Yu. Issues of Statistical Science in Works of O. O. Rusov: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary since His Death


Jubilee of Omelyan Ivanovych Kulynych