Statistics of Ukraine



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2015, №4 (71)

Issued since July, 1998



In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Lumpova Т. І., Оstapchuk О. Е. Problems of the Typology of the Statistical Production Processes Results by Information Objects in GSBPM

Shevchuk О. А. The Role of Statistics in Economic Research

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Krepchuk I. M. Statistical Research of Attracting of Foreign Direct Investment in Ukraine

Sydorova А. V., Gluschenko А. М. Integral Evaluation of Changes at Metallurgical Enterprises

Social Statistics

Panasenko I. V. Socio-Economic Normal: An Indicator for Effectiveness of Service Sector

Yaschenko L. О., Lyesnikova М. V. Methodological Framework for Meta-Analysis: the Case of Clinical Studies

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Bondaruk Т. H., Melnichuk I. O. The Role of Official Transfers in Generating Revenues of Local Budgets in Ukraine

Dzhus S. I. Analysis of Scientific Approaches to Definitions of the Notions“ Stock Market” and “Securities Market”

Improvement of Accounting and Reporting

Kamenskaya T. O. Internal Audit: Rise and Development

Lubenchenko O. E. Identification of Factors Influencing the Assessment of the Attractiveness of the Audit Subjects when Rendering Related Services
Ozeran А. V. Optimizing the Scopes and Structure of the Financial Statements
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