Statistics of Ukraine



Science and Information



2016, №1 (72)

Issued since July, 1998



In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Hinchuk L. I. Theoretical Framework of Information Quality Assurance for the State Statistical Observation on Administrative Offences

Pashkovska A. Y. Organization and Methods of Secondary Education Monitoring in Ukraine

Salikhova O. B., Kurchenko O. O. Development of statistical framework to evaluate the features of innovative start-ups in Ukraine

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Kamenska Т. О. Mathematical and Statistical Methods of Assessment in Audit

Koren N. V. Inter-Budget Relations in the Context of Budgetary Decentralization in Ukraine

Demographic Statistics

Palian Z. O. Statistical estimation of modern demographic losses in Ukraine

Social Statistics

Baranyk Z. P., Karabanova O. V. Factors Affecting the Status and Development of Labor Potential in Ukraine: Statistical Aspect

Ilich L. М. Formation of aggregate demand for labor force in the context of national economy structural transformation

Shchuryk M. V. Interactions of Society and Nature: Contradictions and Ways of Their Overcoming

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Koliada A. L. Analysis of the Current Performance of Meat Processing Industry in Ukraine

Improvement of Accounting and Reporting

Аbbаsоvа S. А. Accounting and Analytical Support of the Organization’s Management (published in Russian)

Iatsunska O. S. Accounting Policy of the Entity Regarding Objects of Fixed Assets, in the IFRS Implementation Context
Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Discipline “Statistics” 2016: Participants and Results