Statistics of Ukraine



Science and Information



2016, №2 (73)

Issued since July, 1998



In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Lumpova Т. І., Оstapchuk О. Е. Use of Statistical Service to Introduce Service Oriented Architecture of Statistical Production

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Yelisieieva O. K., Khazan P. V. Statistical Assessment of the Renewable Energy in Ukraine Compared with Advanced Countries

Kovalenko M. A. Forecasting Effects of Growth and Expansion of Small Business for GDP

Lunova H. M. Rural Population of Ukraine: Statistical Analysis of Living Standards
Nepran A. V. Statistical Analysis of Differentiation in Bank Lending in Ukraine

Regional Statistics

Kudria Ya. V., Mikhel R. V. Statistical Measurement of Exports and Imports of Goods in Lviv Region

Social Statistics

Kulynych R. O. Statistical Study of Factors Influence on Forming of Results of External Independent Evaluation

Panasenko I. V. Integral Assessment of the Secondary Education Performance in Ukraine

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Krylenko V. I. Budgetary Financing of Agrarian Sector: Advanced Methods for Assessment of Regulatory Policy

Kudinova A. V., Verba D. V. Structure of Households’ Consumer Spending as a Factor and a Consequence of Socio-Economic Processes in Ukraine

Improvement of Accounting and Reporting

Lubenchenko О. Е. Monitoring of the System for Audit Quality Control in Foreign Economic Activities: Practical Aspects

Selishchev S. V. Internal Audit of Information and Technical Support of Enterprise: Organization Aspects