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2016, №4 (75)

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To the anniversary issue of magazine “Statistics of Ukraine”


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Herasymenko S. S., Herasymenko V. S. Statistical Methods for Information Quality Management

Sarioglo V.G. “Big Data” as an Information Source and a Toolkit for Official Statistics: Capacities, Problems, Prospects

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Vasyechko O. O., Motuzka O. M. Issues of Evaluating Indirect Effects from Foreign Direct Investment for the Ukrainian Economy

Kolesnik Ya. V. Statistical approaches to the evaluation of business reputation of banks

Social Statistics

Revenko A. P. Incomes and Expenditures of Ukrainian Households from 2015 till Earlier Half of 2016

Tkachenko L. H. Improving the Monitoring of the Registered Labour Market

Regional Statistics

Yelisieieva O. K., Khazan P. V. Economic and Statistical Analysis of Solar Power in Ukrainian Regions

Kulynych O. I. Comprehensive Assessment of Indexes of Statics, Dynamics and Intensity of the Ukrainian regions’ Development in 2015

International projects and practices

Yerina A. M. International Ratings: Statistical Aspects of Computing and Application. Part ІІ. Indexes of Innovation and Human Development

Unconventional methods of studies

Shevchuk V. O. Natural Foundations for Management of Balanced Economic Development. Part I. The transition to management concepts based on the physical economy

Public Administration

Bondaruk T. H. Peculiarities of State Regulation for the Development of Local Self-Governance

Scientific Life

Herasymenko S. S. Results of the International Scientific Conference “State Statistics System in Ukraine: Current State, Problems and Prospects”
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