Statistics of Ukraine



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2017, №1 (76)

Issued since July, 1998



In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Zhukovych І. A., Tereshchenko G. І. Method for Dissemination of Results from Sample Survey of Innovation Activities at Enterprises for Population

Lypchuk V. V., Krupa O. M. Data Reduction in Socio-Economic Studies

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Kulynych R. O. Applications of the Method of Statistical Equations of Dependences for Assessment of Correlation between Economic Phenomena when Justifying Management Decisions

Kulіsh H. P., Chepka V. V. Financial Potential of an Enterprise and its Significance in the Economically Unstable Environment

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Kamenska Т. О. Use of Statistical Methods for Audit Purposes

Shchuryk M. V., Nadraha O. R. Organization and Economic Principles for Collection, Storage and Utilization of Solid Household Wastes and Garbage: Macroregional Analysis

Regional Statistics

Sozanskyy L. Yo. Statistical Assessment of the Capital Dynamics of Industry in Ukraine: Inter-regional Comparison

International projects and practices

Osaulenko O. H. Experience of Introduction of National Principles Governing the Activity of the State Statistics Bodies of Ukraine

Improvement of Accounting and Reporting

Bondar V. P. Problems of professional ethics standards of auditors in Ukraine

Zorina О. А., Rіabinina V. V. Key Aspects of Corporate Activities Analysis through the Prism of Domestic Studies
Selishchev S. V. Methodology for Evaluating the Risks of Activities Termination, Related with Ineffective Company Management

Unconventional methods of studies

Shevchuk V. O. Natural Foundations for Management of Balanced Economic Development. Part ІI. Components of Capital and Prospects of Their Modernization

Public Administration

Akilina O. V. Current Problems of the Public Regulation of Labor Market in Ukraine
Ukrainian Student’s Olympiad on discipline “Statistics” and Ukrainian Student’s Olympiad on specialty “Applied Statistics” 2017: participants and results