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2017, №3 (78)

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Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Kobylynska Т. V. Rating Evaluation of Ecological Effects from the Operation of Agricultural Enterprises

Popova O. L. Statistics and Economy of Fish Farming іn Ukraine

Puhachova M. V. Statistical Analysis of the Development of Ukrainian Industry: Has It Reserves?

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Osaulenko O. H. The Problem of Information Security in Official Statistics

Bilousova O. S. Alternatives to Using Revenues of Governmental Property Management

Deina A. Yu. Statistical Assessment of Energy Efficiency of Production and Consumption of Energy Resources in Ukraine
Popova V. V. Selecting the Emulation Strategy for Ukraine: Statistical Substantiation of the Comparative Base

Demographic Statistics

Palian Z. О., Bondarenko I. H. Statistical Estimation of Modern Trends and Prospects of the Size and Structure Population of Ukraine

Regional Statistics

Kulynych O. I. Constructing Functional Models of Economic Phenomena by the Method of Statistical Equations of Dependences

Stolietova I. G. Improving the Monitoring of Implementation of the State Strategy for Regional Development in Ukraine

Shchuryk M. V., Vynnychuk O. M. Investment and Innovative Principles of Regenerative Properties Activation of Fauna and Flora in the Carpathian Macro-Region

Statistics of Foreign Countries

Yahubov S. M. Ways to Overcome the Economic Crisis and the Role of Statistics in Decision-making: the Experience of Azerbaijan

Scientific life

Motoryn R. M., Motoryna T. M., Prykhodko K. R. New Trends in International Statistics

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