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2018, №1 (80)

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Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Korepanov O. S. Methodology of Index Analysis of the Information Society Development Level

Motsnyi F. V. Chi-square, Student and Fisher-Snedecor Statistical Distributions and Their Application

Nechyporuk N. V. Information Support for the Land Registration: Directions for Upgrading of Statistical Reporting

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Bondaruk T. H., Bondaruk O. S., Melnychuk N. Yu. The Public Debt of Ukraine and the Budget Expenditure for Its Service

Zaichko I. V. A Review of Foreign Experiences in Implementing Budget Policy in Inter-Budgetary Relations

Semianovskyi V. M. Participative Management: A Model for Governance of Territorial Communities

Social Statistics

Kozlov V. V., Tomashevska T. V., Kuznіetsov M. I. Use of Interdisciplinary Links in the Training of Future Specialists in Statistics

Regional Statistics

Motuzka O. M., Parkhomenko V. V. The Socio-Economic Development of Cross-Border Territories: Statistical Monitoring

Improvement of Accounting and Reporting

Bondar V. P. Working Documents of an Auditor and the Quality Control of Financial Reporting Made up on Foreign Investor’s Demand

Bondaruk O. S. Budget Interests in the System of Economic Security of the State

Redchenko K. І. Audit Services on the ICO Market: Opportunities and Prospects
Redko O. Yu. The Main Illusions about the Audit Market in Ukraine

Jubilees, memorable dates

To the jubilee of S. S. Herasymenko  
To the jubilee of S. I. Pyrozhkov  
In the Memory of V. P. Trofimov  
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