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2018, №2 (81)

Issued since July, 1998



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Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Golubova G. V. The statistical analysis and forecasting of Ukraine’s export

Honchar I. A., Palyan Z. O. Statistical Analysis of the Electric Car Market Development in Ukraine: Problems and Solutions

Horobets O. O. Statistical Analysis of Book Publishing in Ukraine and in the World
Salikhova O. B., Krekhivsky O. V. A New Mechanism for State Support to Technological Innovation for Industrial Development

Statistics and Related Fields of Studies

Bahliuk Iu. B. Strategies for the Development of Leading Mobile Operators Communication of Ukraine

Bocharova Yu. G. State and Peculiarities of Innovation Infrastructure Development in Ukraine

Lunina I. O., Bilousova O. S. The Instruments for Forecasting Budget Effects of the Tax Stimulation of Innovation Activities

Social Statistics

Stepanova O. V. Fiscal Space for Health Care: Modern Approaches to Formation and Diagnostics

Regional Statistics

Ivanova N. S. Forecasting Models for the Economic Security of Regional Clusters of the National Economy

Kobylynska Т. V. Statistical Assessment of Air Emission of Dangerous Substances from Agricultural Activities: the Regional Aspect

Improvement of Accounting and Reporting

Kvasha O. O., Korobkina I. S., Shekhovtsova D. D. The Formation of Internal Reporting by Responsibility Centers

Mazina О. I. Globalization of Management Accounting Principles

Shchyrska O. V., Kushnir Ye. O. Quality Control of Audit Services Rendering in the Context of External Inspections

History of Statistics

Halytska E. V., Primierova O. K. Life Path and Scientific Activity of Mykola Ivanovych Ziber  

Jubilees, memorable dates

To the jubilee of A. M. Yerina  
20th Anniversary of the Journal “Statistics of Ukraine”  
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