Requirements to authors to the contents and format of the articles published in scientific and information journal “Statistics of Ukraine”

The scientific works are accepted for publication in the specialized journal “Statistics of Ukraine”, if not published before. An article needs to be devoted to an important subject, contain results of an in-depth scientific study, novelty and interpretation of scientific conclusions in accordance with the article purpose (the formulated objective).

The editors censure any kind of plagiarism in an article as violation of the copyright and the scientific ethics. Once an imported piece of text without reference to citation is revealed, an article is qualified as the one containing plagiarism, and shall not be accepted.

To be accepted for publication, manuscripts need to have the size of 8 to10 pages, format А-4, line spacing 1.5. Margins: left, right, top and bottom 2.00 cm, subparagraph indent 1.27 cm. Font Times New Roman, 12, printed in Word for Windows (*.dос, *.docx). Formulas, images and tables must be arranged by use of special applications of Word for Windows. Illustrations must be made in a way allowing for correction, scanned images or graphs must not be embedded. An article needs to be submitted in one copy, in printed form and in electronic version (by e-mail or diskette). The text must be printed without division of words. The author’s signature must be put on the last page of an article.

An article must have the universal decimal classification code and JEL Classification code (on the top, left-aligned, printed on the line above the author’s surname). The following information about the author must be put on the top (left-aligned): initials, surname (block letters, bold and italics), scientific degree and scientific title, position and place of job (block letters, italics). Full mailing address of the author’s place of job (with index) and the author’s e-mail is put below, font 12.

Title of an article is put below, printed in block letters (Times New Roman, 12, bold) and centered. The abstract is put under the title (2 to 3 sentences, 1 subparagraph); it contains an abridged presentment of the study and key words (5 to 10 words, font 12, italics, line spacing 1.5).




JEL Classification:


PP. Ivanov,

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,

Associate Professor of Statistics Department,

National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit,

E-mail: і


Building up a Set of Statistical Indicators for Finance


Text of the abstract.

Key words:


The above data shall be given in Russian and English. The English abstract shall be the extended one (up to 2000 signs). Also, its original copy in Ukraine should be attached, to ensure better quality of publications.

The abstract must be:

·    short but informative (without general words);

·    structured (the abstract components need to be problem importance, problem formulation, ways and results of its solution, conclusions);

·    telling;

·    concrete (with clearly indicated author’s contribution in the problem solution).

The abstract shall not contain references or abbreviations.

The article’s content must correspond to the thematic profile of the journal and the current level of scientific studies.

According to the requirements, an article must be structured in the following way:

·   broader description of the problem and its links with important scientific or practical tasks;

·   analysis of latest studies and publications containing earlier problem solutions, to which the author refers, with emphasis on the still unsolved parts of the problem to which the article is devoted;

·   formulation of the objectives of the study (problem setting);

·   description of the study with comprehensive interpretation of the produced scientific results;

·   conclusions from the study and further studies in the field.

Titles of images in the text must be put below the images. Images (figures, illustrations, graphs, diagrams) and their symbols must be clear and visible. Tables must be named and be compact; they must not have empty cells. A table and an image must not be used for illustrating the same theses or results. Only the formulas must be numbered (in round brackets, right-aligned), which are referred to in the text.

References (preferably up to 25 sources) are put at the end of the article. Literary sources are arranged in the original language (List of used sources) according to the updated Ukrainian bibliographic description standard DSTU 8302:2015 (see this standard at Also, sources are provided in English (References) according to the APA standard (see the pattern on the journal website: References to sources of used materials, factual and statistical data are mandatory and are given in the text in square brackets in the order in which they are mentioned in the text or in alphabetical order. When preparing References, to facilitate the transliteration by the Latin alphabet of Ukrainian scientific sources, we recommend using the resource


The following documents must be attached to an article:

1)          the review with the signature of a doctor in science.

2)          reference information about the author:

Name, second name and surname of the author(s)

Information about the author(s) scientific degree and scientific title

Place of the author(s) job, with the full mailing address (with postcode)

Mailing address for delivery of the author’s copy or correspondence (with postcode)

The author(s) e-mail

The author(s) contact phones


Articles not meeting the above requirements are not accepted for publishing.